Sunday, September 1, 2013

Amanda Bogarts a Bottle of Red Wine #BB15

This happened around 10:30 last night.  The house guests found a bottle of wine and about six cans of beer in the storage room, and took everything to the kitchen to get the party started.

Amanda grabbed the wine bottle off the counter and went over by the sink to open it, and then ran up the stairs to the HoH with Andy chasing her, laughing and making a big scene.

Amanda:  What are you gonna do, evict me?

Once inside the HoH Room, Amanda started getting her drank on.

She poured some in cups for Judd and McCrae, and then Spencer gave a toast to Larry King's birthday---I think he said Larry was 69 today, but he sure looks older than that to me.

Spencer:  How can you not love LK Live?  How can he not be your favorite person?

 Amanda sat back down and waited for some shit to happen.


Elissa came in the room and said she wanted some wine.

Amanda:  No.  I didn't have any beer today, and no beer or wine last night.  So no...

Elissa sat down and started crunching nuts out of a can and addressed her microphone to tell Production that "Amanda drank all of the wine so can they please get some more?"

Judd says his glass is empty--he needs more wine, too.

Amanda:  But I just gave you some...did you trade it for cigarettes? Then that's your problem..

The group kind of ignored Amanda and started talking about the type of beer they drank in college.  Amanda went over and poured some wine for Elissa, but no one said anything and Elissa didn't comment.  I haven't seen Elissa take a sip, yet.

Take a gander at those sparkly pink shoes Gina Marie has displayed on the credenza.  Good lord.

Andy said that Bud "Heavy" is so much better than Bud Light, and Judd agrees that is all he is drinking at home from now on.  McCrae's friends all drink craft beers and Andy says he should have known, since all of them are "fucking hipsters".

McCrae:  Fucking hipster crap....

Andy said in college they could "buy a handle of Burnett's for $9.00."  (Must be hard liquor.)

Amanda has to grab the spotlight again, so she informs everyone that she did pour some wine for Elissa, after all.

 GMZ:   OK, Jeremy Junior...

Amanda: But I only hoarded the wine for like, three minutes.

Andy says Jeremy stealing the wine is the reason he was evicted, and that Helen never forgot about it.

Andy said he said something about McCrae in the DR today that "made a whole room of people laugh".

McCrae:  What?  What did you say?

Andy:  I can't tell you...

McCrae:  Why?  It's not going to air on TV.

Andy:  Yes it will.  It was good.

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