Saturday, September 21, 2013

Afterbuzz TV - After the BB Finale with Elissa Slater & Nick Uhas #BB15

This episode of Afterbuzz TV covers the finale of Big Brother 15.  The episode is co-hosted by Rachel Reilly and Ashley Iocco and two guys.  The guests were Elissa Slater and Nick Uhas.

The conversation is just as lively as you might expect, with a few extra topics of interest.  For example:

*  One of the hosts is a guy named Ryan Alan Carillo, who seems to be a Reality Wanna Be of some sort.  He brought up the rumors on the internet of Nick watching Andy take a shower and was kind of leering at Nick, waiting for some sort of confirmation.  Nick defended himself by saying he was in a fraternity and is a Professional Rollerblader who toured, as if those two facts preclude him from being interested in Andy.

*  Nick wants us all to know that he always drank his beers in the shower of the BB 15 house.  You know, because he was so comfortable in there.

*  Nick is trying to raise money on Kickstarter to film a series where he travels around and spends time with other Big Brother contestants.  And guess what the first episode will be?  His "date" with Gina Marie on October 4th to visit a Monster Truck Rally in Pennsylvania.  (How great would it be if Gina Marie stands him up?  ha ha ha)

*  Nick had paper towels under his arms at the Finale because he was nervous about sweating through his shirt, waiting for Julie to quiz him. (Which never happened.....)

*  Jessie kept to herself in the Jury House and even had meals delivered to her room, steering clear of the other Jurors.  Amanda kept playing the game in the Jury House and irritated everyone by not letting it go.  She also assumed she would be America's Favorite.

*  The co-host with the long hair and beard looks really, really high.  He might even be tripping, from the looks of it.  I'm kind of obsessed with waiting to see him and his blank stare reactions to everything around him.

*  Elissa said the first 5 days in the house before the live feeds went live were "worse" than what we saw on TV.  She says people were acting like they were at Cancun on Spring Break and were flashing their boobs and genital piercings.  She says that week was the first time she asked Production if she could leave.

*  Rachel was livid for much of the season and plotted ways to get some sort of message to Elissa in the house.  She contacted CBS and Production to try and make the house guest's verbal abuse stop but it sounds like CBS "handled her" and told her not to watch the live feeds.

*  During the baseball-catching endurance competition Rachel "like, turned on the live feeds and like, refused to stop watching until she knew who won HoH".  Uh...that's what we all did Rachel.....all of us with the live feeds.

*  Elissa is like, such a fan of Big Brother, and it was like, such an honor to like, play Big Brother, because that's what like,she really wanted to do.

*  Rachel wants to go on Survivor with Elissa and chanted "Sisters on Survivor".  Uh huh.

*  Watch Nick's face as Elissa talks...and talks...and talks....


Speaking of the Reality Star Wanna Be host, Ryan Allen Carillo recently sued Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over some sort of real estate deal.  Apparently he and his partner planned to lease space from a property owner to open a gay bar, but Lisa Vanderpump actually got the site for her new bar Pump Lounge.  Shouldn't he take action against the owner of the property?  Oh, but he's not famous.  No publicity there.  Uhuh..  (You can read about this here.  If you care, that is.)

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