Thursday, September 5, 2013

After Being Awake for An Hour, The House Guests are Apparently Exhausted... #BB15

The HoH lockdown is over, and all of the guys have gone back to bed, along with Gina Marie.  There is a good chance that the 2nd HoH competition will be endurance, so resting up for the action is not a bad idea, actually.

I wish I could take a nap, but I put some coffee in my smoothie to help me stay awake longer tonight.

Amanda said she probably won't cry tonight, so I guess she is somewhat resigned to her fate in the Jury. 

Amanda must have gone to bed with eye makeup on, because her eyes look dark and smudgy.  She looked at herself and commented she needed to "do something to her eyes".

Judd cocoons in his bed, ignoring Big Brother's announcement to clean up the bathroom today, especially the mirror.

Spencer and McCrae nap as Amanda and her Plumber's Crack sift through her luggage, organizing things.  I think she just picked out a royal blue strappy top or dress to wear tonight.    Amanda makes no move to pull up her trousers, even though she must feel them falling down her ass.


Gina Marie slept downstairs last night, in the bed she shared with Nick.

 And Elissa busied herself with a very good yoga workout.

Unless you are a practicing yogi, you just can't appreciate how difficult it is to remain in such a deep knee bend for as long as Elissa does.  That is the reason for her strong quads----no need to lift weights when you can hold poses like this.

This pose is just ridonkulous.  She's not even wavering, her balance is perfect.

This is my favorite Triangle Pose, love the sideways stretching.

If nothing else, Elissa should have inspired you to at least try yoga, if you haven't already.  There were a few men in my yoga class who said the classes were recommended by their golf instructors, in order to improve their flexibility, I guess.

But guys, please wear something other than just gym shorts in yoga class.  Nobody wants their peaceful practice interrupted by seeing your junk peek out of your shorts. 

Camel Pose feels good, too.


  1. OMG I tried that last yoga pose Elissa was doing and it's hard! stretch!

  2. Don't try it cold! You have to warm up with other poses first or you can really hurt something!

    You would usually do the Camel near the end of class, when you have been very bendy in the opposite direction.

    (Not proper yoga speak, but whatever.)

  3. Honestly, I think Elissa's yoga moves in the house and her personality may influence more people to try yoga. Her balance and flexibility in addition to her femininity counter the idea of yoga being wussy or a hippie trend. I've done yoga for over ten years and I'm no where near Elissa's level. Makes me want to try harder!


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