Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Aaryn's "Black Date" Steps Forward #BB15

First of all, the fact that TMZ is reporting on this "Breaking News" for the second day in a row is just embarrassing.

And the fact that so many of us are interested in the topic is just shameful.  I'm ashamed....I don't know about you.

 You can read the article on TMZ here, as well as listen to a 2-minute phone call of said "black guy" (i.e. Shawn Onyechi) speak to Harvey Levin about his feelings about Aaryn.

He's cute...Shawn is cute.  I wonder if Alison Grodner will be in touch to invite him to the finale?  Maybe casting can even speak to him about being a BB16 house guest, if he's so cool with Aaryn's chatter on BB15....

But this picture is scary and one of the reasons why I don't like Halloween.  I went to a big party one time and there were two guys dressed as burglars, with their faces covered, dressed in all black.  I was waiting in line for the bathroom and one of them came up behind me with a plastic knife to my throat and started saying things in my ear like "tell Daddy what you've been doing".  It was so scary I ran over to some guys dressed as the Bee Gees for help.  (That is fucking scary...)

But check out Shawn's abs...and Aaryn looking gorgeous.  By the way, maybe I'm wrong in assuming this was Halloween, since Aaryn does not appear to be wearing a costume.  Maybe Shawn is just kickin' it, dressed as Hannibal Lecter.

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