Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Few Pictures From Last Night #BB15

Everybody thinks Gina Marie's toe is broken, but she said the Medic couldn't confirm that without an X-ray.  And I don't think they can X-ray her foot unless they take her to a clinic.  Not sure how that type of decision is made, but it has happened in the past.  For example, I think Amanda from BB9 was taken to a hospital when she had her diabetic collapse when she was on slop.

Gina Marie has been taping the damaged toe to the one next to it to keep it straight. I think Spencer described that as a "buddy wrap" or something like that.  The toes are buddies, I guess.

 Then downstairs Spencer decided to caress Judd's back, for some unknown reason.

 Judd:  Spencer you're molestin' me!

Spencer went over to the picture wall and said "who's this handsome guy over here" before posing next to himself.  They commented that Spencer was the only one who looked exactly like his picture.

Judd ate a slice of pizza.

McCrae tried to play hacky sack and the effort to remain upright without anything propping him up seemed to exhaust him.

Amanda continued to obsess about what Julie Chen said to her on the live show.  They also discussed what Julie said to Spencer about the dirty bedroom.  They joked that they should have told Julie to "watch the fucking live feeds to find out why the room was so dirty".

GMZ says that she and Elissa both discovered that they know the same person, Brittany Connors, who I think is on the Jerseylicious show.  Elissa met her through Rachel, who did one of the calendar shoots that GMZ eventually ended up doing with Kristin from BB12.  I remember hearing Rachel and Kristin talk on the live feeds about the people they knew in common from the modeling world.

Not Vogue-type of modeling, of course, but modeling nonetheless.  Gina Marie mentions "Joey Fitness" from Amazing Race, and says he owns some sort of watch company and he gets the local reality stars to wear the watches for publicity, and then make a lot of money off it.

Spencer:  How funny would it be if I were the spokesperson for NutriSystem after all of this?

Amanda:  I should be the spokesperson for Dr. Tattoff, since my tramp stamp is apparently so prominent on this show....the Zingbot noticed it.

Spencer:  When I first saw it, I thought you were a Crip!

Amanda:  I know!  It's the "laugh now, cry later" motif.  I found out later that I have the same tattoo as a lot of gang members in America. I thought it was a drama tattoo, but it is a big gang sign.

(Amanda:  Me me me me me me me me me me and More Me.)

Judd says he's wanted to be on Big Brother for half of his life---since he was 13 and now he's 26.  McCrae started watching BB on Season 6, but that is the only season that Judd didn't watch.  He was graduating high school and didn't have a VCR.  He was going on senior trips, etc.  (The Cancun trip?)

Amanda gets the topic back to her---she thinks her family "will shit" when they see the nominations on the Sunday CBS show.

Judd:  They probably already know.

Judd talked about the night of the bed flipping incident, when Aaryn told him to get out of the room.  Judd yelled at them that it was his room, too, so he called them trash.  Judd described how Kaitlin wouldn't get out of the bed, because she didn't want anyone else to take it.  GMZ was guffawing as she remembered what happened that night.

Judd:  Later, when I walked by Aaryn, I said "slut".

Everyone laughed.

Judd:  But I was just mad...clearly I like Aaryn.

Gina Marie describes how Candice "stepped to her" after the bed got flipped and how she screamed at her and "was gonna kill her" and she had to go in the DR.  Then Amanda had to take back the spotlight, so she described how she told Candice that it must hurt that Howard didn't want her like he wanted Amanda.  Judd remembers that Kaitlin always apologized later for her actions, no matter what happened.

Later the Exterminators decided to go to bed after they discovered it was nearly 4:30 in the morning.  That was the cue for Gina Marie to start binging in the kitchen.  She leaned against the wall to the right of the sink, where the cameras couldn't get a head-on view.  Maybe she's figured that out---

Andy and Judd came back through the kitchen while she was eating and she talked to them with a mouth full of food, saying good night and that she loved them.  It looked like she started out with handfuls of something small and crunchy, like cereal.

Gina Marie cleaned up the kitchen while she ate, moving things around and picking up things from the floor.  I wonder if she is trying to mask her eating, or if this is how she justifies her actions.  I've heard her say several times that the women in her family clean up after everybody and eat after they've fed the family, alone in the kitchen.

I'm no expert, but that is not healthy.

Putting another handful of something in her mouth, out of view of the cameras.

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