Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yes, Judd and Aaryn Were Smooching Last Night #BB15

This occurred after 2:30 in the morning, in the Eames bedroom.  There were a number of house guests lounging around in there, shooting the breeze about a variety of sexual topics.  Lots of sexual tension in the room, mostly voiced by Amanda Zuckerman.  Shocker, I know.

Aaryn and Judd joined in the conversation, and were not shy about snuggling.

Spencer laughed about the way McCrae wakes up in the morning, all curled up on one side of the bed like he is trying to get away from Amanda.  Amanda denies this, saying this is the way he always sleeps, "like a spider monkey".

I hate to tell her this, but he might just "always sleep like that" around her.  Amanda also found a way to dominate in the disgusting conversation, talking about how McCrae would "inspect her anus" the next day.  Yes, that is true.  No, I did not make it up.  A few days ago I also heard Amanda tell someone (Aaryn, maybe?) not to look at the drawer under their bed, as it was full of condoms.  I can only guess what shape they were in.

Sorry.  Don't blame me.  Blame Amanda.

Spencer talked about Glory Holes, but made it sound like women were the ones who were on the "catcher" side of them.  That may be true on the filthy porn movies that Spencer may be watching at home in his Arkansas basement, but I have always heard Glory Holes were the big thing in the San Francisco gay movement, back in the 70's.   Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I have never heard a straight girl express an interest in blowing an Unidentified Dick on the other side of a partition.

Spencer did say that the anonymity of this act is what he found appealing, so maybe he's just letting his Freak Flag fly a little.  We all know he doesn't give a damn what he says on the live feeds, and doesn't even pretend to.

Of course Amanda had to outdo him by saying she wishes she could use a Glory Hole, but I'll just stop right there without elaborating.  No wonder McCrae tries to crawl across the room in his sleep.

 OK.  So back to Aaryn and Judd.  At one point Aaryn leaned over and pulled up Judd's shirt, and started kissing his nipples. You're a long way from home, Judd.

Aaryn also mentioned her grandfather had subscribed to the live feeds, but everyone assured her that it was way too late for him to be up, watching.

Aaryn:  But he can rewind...

Amanda:  He's not going to rewind back until the middle of the night!

(Why not?  I did...)

Let me point out that the Judd/Aaryn situation didn't seem romantic or intense.  They were just hanging out, enjoying some physical contact, I guess.

After the lights went out there were some loud slurping sounds as Judd and Aaryn kissed.  Very loud.  Very slurpy. After it was over Amanda started making fun of them, and I think Spencer said he was about to go crazy, or something like that.  Amanda won the Lewd Award again by saying that was the shortest oral sex session she'd ever heard.  (I cleaned that up quite a bit.  You know, for the kids.)

Judd got up and went back to his bed in the Small World room, and Amanda joked that Judd did the Big Brother Walk of Shame back to his room and they all giggled.  Spencer asked Aaryn about her contact with David but Aaryn pointed out David was only in the house for 13 days.  She told Amanda that Judd was a good kisser.

I think Andy slept through all of this exciting action.

 And here is Judd, back safely in his own bed after giving Aaryn her good night smooch.

And now for a good laugh:  Judd's friend tweeted out this picture of Judd the Stud getting down during a vacation trip to Cancun.  I would never know this was Judd unless his friend told us.  I guess that's what friends are for, huh?

Who knew Judd had even left the US?

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