Thursday, August 8, 2013

Will Portion's of Tonight's Show Be Taped? #BB15

This morning the house guests started milling around and arrived in the HoH room for the weekly lockdown starting around 9:30 am BBT.   Some of them grabbed breakfast, others just went to the HoH room to grab a spot on the couch or floor to catch some more sleep.

Nothing out of the ordinary at this point.

Then at around 10:15 am BBT, the feeds went to FISH.  This may or may not be significant.  When the house guests have the HoH lockdown on the day of the live show, Production is busy downstairs planning for the live show and competition.  They are checking camera angles, doing a sound check, etc.   In past years the house guests heard the BB theme song at full blast in the HoH room during the lockdown, so they could not hear what was going on downstairs.

Last week the eviction was taped around 12:00 pm BBT.  If they are going to do that today then we may not have the feeds back at all until after the live show concludes this evening.  Last week, however, around this same time the house guests were told to get ready, and the ladies were in a tizzy doing hair and makeup for whatever Big Brother had in store for them.   I specifically heard Candice say that they told her she had only 15 minutes to get ready.  That was not the case today, so who knows...

Candice has threatened to make some statements tonight, but I can't imagine she would "pull a Chima" and would try to get her point across in a dignified manner.  She's a Pageant Patty, after all, and is poised on stage at all times.  Even in a Clownietard, I think Candice will do what she plans to do with class and will not lose her cool.

But let's imagine what would happen if Amanda is evicted instead of Candice?  That may happen....I am as in the dark about what will really happen as anyone, but there is a distinct possibility she will get voted out.  I think all McCrae needs to do is mention it to Helen, and the deed will be done.  CBS better have that "bleep" button ready, huh?  What a show that would be!

I know America would LOVE to see Amanda get blindsided one way or another tonight.  I would love to have the old McCrae back, the one who had potential to win the game.

Hopefully the live feeds will return at some point and we can resume our normal live show schedule.


As always, there are plenty of people out there who "report" on Big Brother every year hoping to make a quick buck.  It drives me CRAZY to see some of the sensationalized misinformation being reported as fact every day on the internet.  

I can't do anything about that, and don't have time to start battles I don't intend to fight.  All I can do is keep doing what I've been doing.  I NEVER report anything that I didn't see or hear with my own eyes and ears unless I specifically state that is the case.  I do post plenty of opinions here that you may or may not agree with, but I do not bend the facts simply to get exposure.


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