Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who Will Win HoH? We're Down to Three #BB15

McCrae, Gina Marie, and Jessie are still up there. 

Did anyone ever consider Gina Marie or Jessie were potential HoH's?

Many of the house guests on the side lines seemed not to think so.  I hear Aaryn on the sidelines say that if GMZ wins, she won't get any booze in her HoH Room.  She's not a drinker.

GMZ tells McCrae that he's good with her if she wins.  McCrae returns the favor, and adds that he has Amanda to think about, too.

McCrae:  I need some privacy with my wife.  I'm tired of Andy comin' in when I'm trying to get groovy...

GMZ says she will let them have the room for one night, and will stand guard outside for them.   Production gave Spencer a megaphone to give encouragements, updates, etc.   I think Judd called out that he wouldn't smoke until Jessie and McCrae could, too.

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