Saturday, August 3, 2013

Who is Telling the Truth? Howard or Amanda? #BB15

 You may know that some controversy erupted last Tuesday in the BB house between Howard and Amanda.  Amanda was in the kitchen and Howard approached her to whisper something and they had a short, awkward exchange that lasted about 7 seconds.

Amanda reported only seconds later that Howard said in her ear that when the show was over, he wanted to "fuck the shit out of her".  She was taken aback, and then swore Andy and Judd to secrecy.    (You can read my recap of this event here.)

If you watch the live feeds, then you know that "swearing Andy to secrecy" is a laughable phrase.  He immediately started talking about it, and Amanda herself brought it up several times.  Each time she did, however, the feeds changed to another camera view, or went to FISH.

Some of the fans said, no way would Howard say that---he's such a "good" man, and Amanda is a bitch.  Some of the other bloggers call what happened "sexual harassment".

Well, based on what Howard has said outside the house, I believe Amanda.   And I have to laugh at the use of the term "sexual harassment" regarding this particular issue.

Take it from someone who was a member of management at a Fortune 100 company for over 13 years.....Amanda would be the last person in that house who could sucesssfully claim this was "sexual harassment".   She has constantly flaunted herself and made extremely sexual comments to everyone in that house over the last six weeks.   (Remember this?)  She is the queen of using her sexuality to gain attention and to manipulate other people.  You can't shove that horse back in the barn, Amanda.

OK, so Rob Cesternino interviewed Howard on his show Friday morning, and asked him about it.  You can and should listen to that interview here.  Howard did not deny making a suggestive statement to Amanda, but said that she is raunchy all of the time, so he thought it would be funny to tell her that they could get together outside of the house and "who knows what would happen".  For some reason Howard also thought it was important to tell us that he had just been "kickin' it with Candice", too.

As usual, Howard Overby talks in circles, and watered down the language he used with Amanda when he was talking to Rob.  But if he was making such an innocent statement to Amanda, then why did he feel the need to lean over and whisper?  They were alone in the kitchen, and there was no need to get so close to her and lean over like that.

Personally I think he wanted Amanda to go apeshit, and then Candice to hear about it and go apeshit, too.  Then he would be sitting on the block with two girls who might have been crazy enough to change the vote so that he would stay in the house.

So, I believe Amanda was being honest, although she may have paraphrased what Howard actually said to her.  Howard admitted to Rob that he made a comment, but I think he cleaned up the language he used.  After all, Rob tries to run a family show.

And as for why CBS tried to evade further discussion of it on the live feeds?  Well, they certainly wouldn't be protecting Amanda's "dignity".  They've already edited Howard as Holy Howard, complete with schmaltzy music and praying sequences.  I think they just wanted him to leave without making another scandal for them to edit into the show.  In my opinion Howard already made threats to Production that resulted in disclaimers being added THE NEXT DAY to the live feeds, BBAD, and the CBS show.  (You can see that here.)

Lastly, we already saw plenty of evidence that Howard Overby is capable of lying, and then talking about Jesus in the next breath.  Swearing on the Bible, too.

I'll just say it:  I am glad he's gone.  Too much religious psycho babble to me.  He can be the strongest man physically, but to me he is a a mental weakling who can barely communicate and who uses his religion as strategy.


I just watched a Flashback from 8-1-13, at 5:02:22 am on Camera #2, Howard and Candice were talking in the Cockpit.  Candice had asked him a question and he responded with a long rambling, mumbling discussion that I did not understand.  But at the time listed above, he clearly told Candice that when he gets horny, he and his friends say they "want to find a chick and fuck the shit out of her".

So, that language is part of Holy Howard's vocabulary.  And for the record, Candice was horrified. 


  1. Sorry...I don't buy it. Amanda loves painting herself as the victim. When she got into an argument with Spencer, she said he was bullying her, but then when she got into an argument with Jessie and Jessie called her a bully, she got angry. Also Amanda went to Aaryn to say she should watch what she is saying, that it sounds racist, but now she is calling Howard "black mamba" and saying Candice has "nappy hair". Clearly I think Amanda is not afraid to put someone in a bad light for her own benefit, but I clearly think she is the liar in this situation, not Howard.

  2. The racial talk is horrifying, for sure.

    But to me that is a separate issue.

    I sympathize for Howard having to deal with that in the BB house, and also in his daily life.

    But I still believe he told Amanda he wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

    Listen to Rob's interview...Howard admitted making a provocative comment to her. He admitted it and then justified it.

  3. And I will add that I am not a member of the Amanda Zuckerman Fan Club and would love to see her get the boot, and soon.

    I am angry at McCrae for totally wussing out on this "BB engagement".

    I wanted to root for the Pizza Boy and was hoping that he would tell us in the DR that he is using Amanda as a shield in the game. But from what I have seen he is hook, line and sinker over Amanda.

    I'll bet his friends are so embarrassed...

  4. When Amanda told Candice about it, Candice noted that the words Amanda used were the exact same words Howie used when he was talking to her about his homies, so yeah, he said it.
    I think McCrae is seeing more and more of Amanda's true colors, and the time is coming when he will just let her eviction happen. She generates (and takes) all the heat, the longer he keeps her around the better off he is. Everybody already likes him, they might start feeling sorry for him because of her. And girls love weddings, so he knows that will likely keep them around longer, too. As for being in love, he isn't fighting her battles, like Brendon, he's telling her she should shut her hole.


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