Monday, August 5, 2013

Whispers and Schemes on a Monday Morning #BB15

Everyone has been running around getting ready for this morning's PoV ceremony, where Jessie will use the PoV to save herself and someone else will go up on the block in her place.

Spencer, most likely.  But maybe Elissa....

Meanwhile, a lot of whispering has been going on.  More than usual, I think.  Candice and Elissa smirked and whispered as they stood in the mirror.  Andy was in the shower at the time and asked what the two of them were whispering about.

Elissa:  Your eviction, Andy!

Then Jessie started getting ready for the meeting.  She'll have significant camera time for the first time in a long time.  She's wearing the Bear Shirt, too.

Then Judd came in to brush his teeth, and Jessie made the pitch to evict Amanda this week, saying that it is going to be so hard to get Amanda out of the game.  She is so manipulative, and tells lies.

Jessie:  She's a 28 year old real estate agent from Boca Raton Florida.  Do you really want to lose $500,000 to her?

Judd indicated that no, he did not.  But theoretically Judd isn't planning on losing to anybody.  I heard him tell Spencer earlier that he didn't want to go down on Jessie's sinking ship.

Judd wanted to know if Helen was behind this plan...and not just BS'ing about it.  Jessie counted votes to evict Amanda, saying they only need four votes, and if they decide to do it, they just have to stick to that and not discuss it any further.

Elissa changed clothes in the hallway and is worried that the cameras caught a glimpse of her chest.  She says she was wearing a tube top but it slipped down.  She wants to go in the DR to find out.

Judd assured her that the "live feeds are probably down this close to the meeting" and this seemed to make Elissa feel better.  He laughed about it with Andy, and Elissa just got called to the DR.

Aaryn says she feels so sick every morning in that house, and has felt that way for two weeks now.  Hmmm.  How long has Clownie been in the BB house?  A few weeks, right?  She also commented that even though her toothbrush is clearly marked with her name, it was wet when she used it the other day.

Helen is aggressively brushing her wet hair and we all know that is a big no-no if you want to have healthy hair.  The necklace is kind of fug and makes clinking costume jewelry sounds while it rattles around on her bones.

Elissa came out of the DR and told Judd the feeds were down, and he said he thought so.  (Ha ha ha, the feeds are not down, but I guess the live feeders did not get to see her wardrobe malfunction.)

Candice is making bacon, family-style.  I would too, if I was on the block.

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