Saturday, August 3, 2013

What to Do...What to Do.... #BB15

Helen and Andy met in the storage room and conclude that they probably need to vote out Candice, so that Gina Marie won't freak out.

Andy hates to lose Candice, but thinks they can work better with GMZ and Aaryn.  Helen agrees.

Andy:  I still think America may be voting...don't tell her I said that.  But she might be portrayed as a villain..

McCrae comes in and they discuss it.

Andy:  We just think that Amanda might be portrayed as...

McCrae:  Arrogant?

Andy:  Well, like a Dr. Will or either love her or hate her..

McCrae:  Especially if she's in there saying she screwing over the pizza boy.

Andy says they have to work quickly to calm Aaryn down, or they will lose her.  He says she felt threatened by something Amanda said to her and thinks she will go up if Amanda is saved by the PoV.

McCrae says Judd and Spencer are both going to go for prizes, and he can't really blame them.

(What if we have to see Spencer wear a unitard?  My eyes...)

McCrae went in the bedroom and he and Judd did a little rapping about "sticki icki".  McCrae said that he was going to go around the house and start making some deals with people.

Judd:  That sounds sketchy as hell!

(Pronounced like "hay-ell".)

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