Monday, August 5, 2013

Update to Last Week's Live Show Scandal #BB15

I've been looking for last Thursday's live show in the CBS On Demand queue, and it's still not there.  Not sure why that is, but I just watched it again on the CBS website.  (You can read about last week's live show scandal here.)

Now that I know the truth about the first 45 minutes being pre-taped at 12:00 pm BBT, it was fairly obvious from viewing the episode again.  For example:

1. The house guest's energy is really low.  Some of them looked like they were about to fall asleep in the couch.  Yes, I'm talking to you McCrae.  They just aren't used to being energetic at that hour---staying up until 4:00 or 5:00 am on a daily basis is the norm for many of them.

2.  The audience response did not sound authentic.  Whenever it ended it was just too abrupt.  It sounds really fake now that I know the truth.  Even when Julie announced next week was a double eviction, the response was lackluster and that is not normal.

3.  Julie didn't say the live HoH competition was next.  Instead she said the "live HoH competition is just around the corner".  She's right, if the corner is six hours away.

I wonder what the plan is for this week's live show?  Surely Production knows that pre-taping a double eviction show is going to ruin it for us.  Even though the double eviction shows are always nerve-wracking for me, the fact that we can see the house guests learn about the night's schedule in real time is what makes the episode so exciting.  We're all in it together and there is nothing like it.  (Particularly when I can turn on the live feeds moments after the show ends and join the drama in progress.)

I believe that Production was worried about what Howard would say last week, rather than any uncontrollable outbursts from the audience.   Hopefully they feel like they can control Candice from "keeping it real with a Candyland moment".  After all, she's a pageant girl.  She is used to being on stage in the midst of a pressure-filled situation.

Here's the thing:  All of the house guests were obviously told to wear the same clothes for the HoH competition after they evicted Howard, so surely they knew something was off-kilter with the schedule.  McCrae, Judd, Helen and Elissa are all regular watchers of Big Brother, so I would expect them to discuss the schedule change at some point.

Did anyone hear them talk about the change in the live show schedule after the fact?


  1. I rewatched the Thursday show today, from a DVR recording. I was looking for glitches and oddities, too. What I did notice is that there is audience reaction during the HOH comp. Laughing, mostly, but some applause, as Julie comes back from commercial, and some reaction at Elissa's near stumble. Obviously, this sort of audio could be added to the track, but that would imply that there was enough delay between the actual "live" comp, and the broadcast for editors to lay in background audience reaction.

    About the "missing hours", some suggested that all of the fish during the post-live show portion of the comp had to do with people discussing things that had happened during the missing time. I certainly didn't hear anything in the show itself that alluded to it, but I haven't gone back to the feeds.

  2. They blocked out the feeds because they didn't want us to see that Howard had already been evicted.

    There were people in the audience but they were production workers from CBS and surrounding sound stages.

    Not "real" fans who would react to the action much differently.

    Maybe the early show is The Chenbot's excuse for that horrible dress! It looked like her mother made it out of a tablecloth!

  3. I was looking forward to reading what Howard has to say on Twitter. But there was a slew of fake Howard accounts so I didn't know which one to follow. I believe most of them have been shut down. Miss Cleo made a pretty funny joke about it. She posted pictures of stick figures of Howard hanging with Nick.

  4. Was the Nick stick figure pointing at Howard?

    Note to future BB house guests, if the show returns next year:

    Get a Twitter account before you go in the house, and then lock it until you get home.


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