Friday, August 30, 2013

TMZ Drop Kicks Aaryn When She's Down #BB15

TMZ has been on the whole "Aaryn is Racist" story from the very beginning, and they seem to know where The Chenbot and her handsome rich husband hang out.  I couldn't get the 1st video to play, but there is another short video at the end of the article where TMZ asks Julie about her little chat with Aaryn, while Les beams from the sidelines.

You can see the article on the TMZ website here.

You may remember that once upon a time Les Moonves couldn't get out of the camera shot fast enough when he heard Aaryn's name.  (You can see that here.)

For the record, I thought Julie was too hard on Aaryn under the circumstances.  Aaryn was just coming out of virtual isolation and Julie hit her hard with direct quotes that Aaryn didn't even remember saying under the gun like that.  I think Julie could have mentioned specific circumstances like Hat Gate or the Bed Flipping Incident, but she took it too far when she read direct quotes from over two months ago.

I would feel differently if Aaryn was going home after the live show, but she is on the Jury, and is still in the game from that perspective, so I thought the discussion could have waited until Finale night.  After all, Julie said she would not be giving Aaryn any "news from the outside world", but I think she did that by saying the audience thought she was racist.  Never mind the audience's boos and laughter, which were revealing enough.

And Julie mentioning Amanda like Amanda is some sort of saint wasn't fair to Aaryn, either.  Gina Marie and Amanda have said horrible things too, and also Spencer, but I'll bet Aaryn is the only one who will be bitch-slapped like that by Julie on live TV.


  1. I just hope Julie confronts Amanda, Spencer, and GMZ in the same way. Especially Amanda since she tried to act like she was appalled by racism.

  2. I hear ya, but I don't think she will because the CBS show has mainly focused on Aaryn with the racist stuff. She probably would have been their first choice, anyway, since the dichotomy between someone so aesthetically beautiful making such ugly comments is so striking.

    If they painted four house guests as horrible racists then it might have called for some self-reflection on the part of the network, and that ain't happening...

    Remember that as all of this started the Paula Deen story was Big was a timely story and goosed the TV ratings. I think TMZ saw a big hit from the story, too, if you look at the number of comments made by readers, easily quadruple the surrounding stories on their website.


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