Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Zingbot Legacy - America's Favorite Sassy Robot #BB15

In honor of yesterday's visit to the BB15 house by the Zingbot, let's remember the Zingbot's visit to the house last year.


The Zingbot enters the house - Last year I was watching the live feeds when the Zingbot  entered the house, as you can see from this link.  Yesterday the feeds immediately went to TRIVIA, with no glimpse of the sassy robot.  This link is fun because some comment that I made about Danielle really bothered some of the readers, and they really let me have it in the comments section.

 Frank:  I'm just enjoyin' watching the card tricks and talkin' about the Zingbot passin' out!  - This is a recap of the BBAD show the evening of the Zingbot's BB14 visit.  You might recall that the Zingbot actually passed out last year, right there in the backyard.  Jenn City snapped into action and helped the girl in the costume get to the Medic.  I remember Jenn saying later that it was so exciting to speak to someone new that she was asking the Medic where he was from, etc.  The house guests also discussed the issues the Zingbot had during BB12, since Britney was involved in both Zingbot visits.  Apparently the Zingbot had an Episode during BB12, and started screaming about getting out of that costume.

Ha ha ha.  The Zingbot is so unsafe.  You'd think they could ventilate the costume better, or strap an AC source to it somehow.  I guess they just don't give a shit, so they put a Production Assistant in there every year and hope for the best.

Bonus:  The Zingbot Appearance on The Talk after Rachel's BB12 win.  I'm not sure if these You Tube links work anymore, but seeing the fear on the The Talk's hosts as they waited for their Zings was hilarious.  I hate to spoil the surprise, but Rachel won a free honeymoon on this show.  Can't say I'm a big fan of the pageant hair, though...   Also, I think Elissa is in the picture I took of Brendon sitting in the audience, sitting next to Brendon.

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