Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Spat Between Candice and Amanda was NASTY #BB15

Gina Marie, Aaryn and Judd are rehashing what was said after the PoV ended.

Candice said something about Amanda having a big mouth, and Amanda shot back that Candice's mouth was so big, Howard wanted to put his cock in her's. (Amanda's mouth.)

GMZ:  Dude, it was fucking great.  And then Candice said something about Amanda and her flat ass and I was like who in the hell wants your fat ass Candice?  You nasty bitch.

Judd:  Candice snapped during the competition. She said that I need to let her have the HoH because everybody is coming after me hard core, hard core... I was like who?  Who is coming after me?  And she said Amanda and McCrae....

GMZ disputes this, saying no one is after him.

Judd:  I swear I'm not the MVP.

McCrae came in and GMZ clarifies that he plans to vote out Candice.

McCrae:  100%....

GMZ says Judd has some crazy idea that he is going to be nominated, even though it's probably going to be Spencer.

Judd:  It just makes you really paranoid when you could have won PoV and you gave it away.

GMZ is angry that Elissa is going to vote to keep Candice.  McCrae said that he tried to tell her that Candice is going home no matter what, so voting against the house is going to make her look foolish.  GMZ told Elissa that if she pulled her key out, she would appreciate Elissa voting the way she'd like her to vote, and now she is going against that.

McCrae is planning to do the "tan" dunk every hour on the hour with Amanda.  Aaryn points out that after Judd let Jessie win the PoV she came up to the HoH and "laid on top of Judd".

Judd:  Oh...I know.  I'm already worried people are going to think we're together...

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