Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Power Just Got Grabbed #BB15

Spencer gets to keep the megaphone, I think. He is having fun, asking Jessie what she is eating, sounding official while he's doing it.

Jessie is eating Baked Lays.

Gina Marie is wearing Nick's hat. It was actually McCrae's hat, but whatever.  She hopes her mother sent some of her modeling pictures for her HoH Room.  Spencer just wants to see the Jolly Rancher costume ad.  Gina Marie says maybe her Bud Light calender would be nice.

I think the megaphone will be fun.  Spencer does too.  Gina Marie was going to wait until the other Have Nots could eat at midnight, like Judd did the week he won HoH.  But she wanted a glass of soda first, and everyone said that was fine.

That's some Tammy Wynnette hair on Aaryn, huh?  Damn.

Amanda is actually taking up GMZ's offer to sleep in the HoH tonight.  I think that is a big mistake.  Tomorrow nominations will be made, and they should stay with the herd tonight.   She keeps talking about her damn wedding, and says they will totally have it this week so they can all get drunk.

No word yet on who won the prizes.

Like any other guy getting "married", McCrae knows his role, and shuts his hole.  Judd is having his last bowl of Ramen noodles.  He can eat again at midnight.

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