Saturday, August 3, 2013

The PoV is Over! #BB15

And Jessie won.  It was a "frog gigging" competition and Gina Marie is steaming mad at Spencer.  He went for a Bahamas trip and she says he is going up in Jessie's place.

Candice won a Clown Suit and GMZ is thrilled that she will have to wear that outside with Julie Chen when she is nominated.

Judd took a prize and let Jessie have the PoV but GMZ said that was the right thing to do.  Judd says that Candice told him that Amanda is running around the house telling everybody he is the MVP.

In the Have Not room McCrae is mad at Amanda.  She started yelling at Candice after the competition and McCrae said Amanda should have just let Candice talk.

McCrae:  Now we have so much work to do.

McCrae says that Elissa and Helen are happy that Amanda just started a shit storm--they are looking for a reason to keep Candice and evict Amanda.

Amanda is sniffling and McCrae says now that Jessie is off the block, "Miss Flip Flopper" may turn on them again.

Those outfits are cute. I would love one for Halloween.  I'd be a Frog Gigger.

McCrae:  Like, I don't get it!  What are you trying to prove?

Amanda:  Just leave me alone McCrae.

Now Andy comes in and tells her she will be safe, but she needs to start "watching her fucking mouth".

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