Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Live Show Scandal #BB15


Last Thursday, the live feeds shut down in the morning, and were not restored until after the live show.  I was watching the live feeds that morning as everyone scrambled around getting ready.  I heard Candice say that "they only had 15 minutes to get ready", so I knew something was up.

As the live show approached I was nervous.  Something was strange about the whole thing.  I knew that any sort of double eviction would have been promoted in advance since it would lead to high ratings.  I was scared as I waited for the show to start.

Well, something was up.  The network was scared, too, but for different reasons.  They were worried about evicting Howard in front of a live audience, not sure whether there would be some sort of disturbance that they could not control.  Including Howard's own comments, I'm sure. 

They actually taped Howard's eviction around noon BBT, and then all of the house guests sat around and waited for the "live" HoH competition.  So the first 45 minutes of the "live" show last week were pre-taped, and the people who had tickets to attend the live show were turned away without any explanation.

Princess Glammy has the story here, including the fascinating details regarding one shunned audience member's impressive investigatory skills.  As a Super Fan who will never attend a live taping, I find the details behind this whole thing very intriguing.

As Glammy says in the linked post, we might see more of the same this week, when Candice is expected to be evicted, and also when Aaryn and probably Gina Marie are evicted.  (IF they are evicted, that is.)

Glammy mentions the Chima Coup E'tat situation in BB11.  That week, Chima was the HoH and everyone in the house knew that one of them had been chosen by America to have "special powers".  Chima wanted Russell out of there and said repeatedly on the live feeds that if someone messed up her plans, Julie Chen better have the 7 second delay button ready, because she was going to need it.

Production heard this, and listened.  They actually filmed the entire live show earlier in the day, and turned the audience away.  If you don't know, Jeff Schroeder won the Coup d'Etat and used it to take down Chima's nomination and replace Russell with Jessie.

Jessie was evicted, leaving a trail of screeching and wailing women in his wake.  And of course Chima lost her shit within a day or two and was ejected from the game.

I'm going to watch last week's live show again today after learning all of this.  I knew that the energy level of the house guests felt a little off, but I wonder what the Super Fans in the house made of all of this.  They must have suspected something, right?  Particularly if it happens again.

It kind of sucks for Howard not to have a real studio audience to greet him.  The people who filled in as the studio audience were random employees on the lot who had to be instructed to cheer and clap.  They probably don't even watch the show...


  1. You're right! It was too bad Howard didn't get the crowd that came for him. However, the crew from CBS gave Howard a rousing welcome to the stage. I was proud of him and his entire house stay. He is loyal to his friends and their alliances. He played pretty much the same game as the rest. I guess the old stereotype about black men scared them (right Aaryn) and they wanted him out. Everyone knows muscles don't equate to longevity; in fact it's quite the opposite. Bulky ppl can only sustain for a minimal amount of time before the burn kills them.
    However, we intend to vote Howard Overby BB15 Favorite HG and get him the $25K. Btw, Howard has an account on Thw Twit it's @howardoverby1 ... so go chat him up give him more love than Les Moonves did.

  2. Even his closest pal and ally, Spencer, said Howie had no game at all.

    1. And to whom did Spencer say that? Spencer was the head of the MC and Howard and the rest gave input. Away from Spence and the MC how would he know what Howard had? Spence's job at this point is to save his hide at any cost. look at Andy, what kind of game does he have. If GM wants to lay eyes on a rat she should look in Andy's direction. Howard's game was Howard's game and no one else's. Each person would keep their ultimate gave close to the vest until time to use it.

  3. I won't be joining in the vote to make Howard fan favorite. In fact, I don't even think I'm going to watch his post-eviction interview with Jeff. I've heard enough bullshit from Howard to last me for a long, long time.

    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about things; however, what was the bullshit from Howard? Was Howard's bull more than anyone else's in the house. Thay all lie, they all scheme, they all, except GM want to win the 500K and will do whatever necessary to effect that. Well no, I take that back. Howard showed exception to that. Howard lied and had to admit he lied. Who hasn't lied in that place. He lied again and incurred the wrath of the Wicked Witch of the BB15 House, HellEN. But do this for me, look at HellEN's and Howard's BBhouse actions under the same microscope. Now tell me, which one do you think was/is more honorable. And of all the people in the place if Howard isn't your fav, then who is and why would America agree with you?
      You see America saw Howard and liked the player and the man he is. They obviously like loyal people. And you cannot say Howard wasn't loyal to his MC Alliance even to the end. As for Candice Howard and she discussed it and agreed to pair up simply for the show. (Though I would suspect, BB pushed them together) After the event with the mattress, they were simply two souls relating to each other and needing the comfort of a like mind. However, America saw that longer version of Howard's meltdown after that mattress event. I felt pain for the man. And though CBS chose to abbreviate it for the greater audience on the aired show, trust me, when Howard & Candice go on the talk circuit, it'll be shown more in full and America will once again love Howard.

  4. Well, we're at the halfway point now. It's official, once comments like this start showing up.

    Remember the Danielle commenters last year?

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  7. Yeah Howard's game was horrendous! One of the worst ever. No loyalty to anyone except Candice. He kept lieing to everyone and isn't smart enough to know when to tell the "truth". Love his faith but dude needed to go!!


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