Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Ladies Change Their Looks #BB15

Elissa colored Gina Marie's hair last night, and used some of the extra "low light" color to make a change in her own look.

I like it better, don't you?

Amanda said she was jealous and that BB confiscated the hair color she tried to bring in the house.  Elissa said that BB took her's, too, so she took advantage of GMZ's HoH goodies.

And speaking of GMZ's hair, Elissa did a great job making her look at least 54% better.  Elissa is very talented and she is a valuable resource in that house.  (I wish she would cut McCrae's hair into a short style---with his natural wave I'll bet she could cut his hair like Dr. Will's!)

GMZ said that her hair didn't look this nice when she came in the BB house.  I agree completely, and remember looking at GMZ's hair during her interview with Jeff and wondering why she didn't get a color and a fresh weave before the game started.  

Not to be outdone, Candice has found a way to look just a little more fetching in that horrid Clownietard costume.  She is wearing the wig as a hat and it is a big improvement.  I wonder if they will let her get away with that on Thursday?  (I was going to say the Thursday "live show" but who knows if that will even happen.  Candice has said she plans to make quite a speech on Thursday, so I'm guessing there may be another pre-taped eviction to mitigate risks.)

I was going to report on Amanda's shower to remove all of the tanning residue that she can scrub off.  But I was horrified by her lack of modesty and didn't take any pictures.  Basically, around 12:35 or so this morning, she took a shower with McCrae in the HoH room and you could see the orange junk wash down the drain.

At one point Amanda crouched down to scrub her feet and even the camera guys felt bad about it and turned the view to the shower wall.  McCrae was naked in there with her but they seemed to just scrub each other and there really was nothing sexual about it.  Every now and then the cameras would cut to Aaryn, who was laying in the HoH bed with a disgusted look on her face.  She later told Judd that she felt so lonely in the house sometimes, and admitted that Gina Marie's constant vulgarity was driving her crazy.

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