Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The HoH Competition is Another Crap Shoot #BB15

They are rolling balls down this little see saw and aiming for containers placed at the end.  Aaryn did really well and Spencer called her a "ringer".

Candice says it will be "way harder" tomorrow night, and will probably be longer.  Elissa agrees and says that they might have to stand on something.  Aaryin doesn't want to try it again since she did so well last time.

(My live feeds are acting up today---every time I click the "Go to Live" it takes me to about 20 minutes back.)

Helen didn't do well when she tried, but McCrae did well.

***UPDATE***  Since Production told Gina Marie that she should practice this game too, I am now thinking this will be the PoV competition we will see live on Thursday. GMZ can't participate in the next HoH competition, but she will be an eligible player for the PoV.

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