Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Feeds Return #BB15

and we see McCranda in the Cockpit, talking low about the competition.  Amanda can't believe that she came so close to winning HoH and she still lost.

If you don't know, the HoH competition was a "Knock Out" comp, where they faced off in pairs and the loser was eliminated.  Amanda didn't get picked until late in the game so the fact that she made the final was no victory on her part.

Aaryn won again, her 4th HoH this season.

So all of a sudden when I'm typing this, Amanda starts whining and fake crying that McCrae always says she sucks, and he doesn't have to rub it in that she loses all the time.  She jumped up and got all dramatic before storming out.  Making a big scene in the hallway, as well.

It was a whole lot of drama for no visible tears. Just sayin'.

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