Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Exterminators Have a Signature Move #BB15

They "pump up" the bug sprayer first, and then spray the ground.  Look for some of that during today's PoV competition, which is happening right now.  Gina Marie is really excited about the new moves and asks for help to make sure her hand placement is correct.  (I thought she would be more experienced, what with all of the Staten Island cock-a-roaches and all..)

Judd is going to be the PoV host, unless there is an outside host brought in.  Judd said he asked McCrae and Amanda why they didn't pick him for house guest choice to play.

Judd:  McCrae said he didn't think I would use it to save them...I said I'd use it on both of them!

The Exterminators laugh. Judd and Spencer are both happy that they don't have to wear the chicken suit anymore.  That was a short 48 hours, but the punishments are usually over early, once Production gets the footage they need.  For example, the 24 hour isolations are usually only about 20 hours long, probably to coincide with some of the crew shifts.  It's all a business, with budgets and the usual cost-control initiatives.

Andy thinks McCrae seems really defeated, and that Gina Marie's speech really hit him hard.

Andy:  McCrae was crying in there last night...

Judd:  Well, tears don't work on me.....especially when Amanda was up here last night with the fake crocodile tears.

GMZ:  You know what they're crying about?  They're crying about leaving each other....Amanda was in there saying she didn't want to be without him....I was without Nick for two months!

I've noticed The Exterminators try to ignore any of Gina Marie's frequent mentions of Nick....I guess they want to believe they are aligned with someone who is sane.

Judd is disappointed that he doesn't get to play in the PoV today.  Spencer says it is extra-important that they all take punishments, if that applies today, since Judd won't be able to take any.  They know McCrae will take all of the punishments that he can today.  They know that Elissa probably won't take any, but she also isn't likely to take any prizes.

McCrae needs to win, if he is going to stay in the game....The Exterminators are ready to squash him like a proverbial bug.

And what is McCranda doing now, to prepare for this crucial competition?  I'm someone who really appreciates a good restful nap, but maybe they should be getting pumped up to win, right?


I took this picture earlier today, so you could see GMZ's mini-shrine to Nick on the side table.  She has the OTEV "love letter" for Nick, "his" blue hat and coffee cup.

You've got to admire her consistency....

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