Monday, August 19, 2013

The Ants are Back... #BB15

The kitchen is rife with crawling ants and of course Helen Kim is right there on the spot to take control of the cleaning action.

But first....

I have been really busy with my real job so I haven't had time to post much.  (But I am giving live feeds updates via Twitter--you can follow me at the link in the left margin of the blog.)  Last night I took some pictures and didn't post them yet.

This is a late night picture of Gina Marie mixing up a bowl of some sort of Have Not food to eat before bed.  She often binges when she is alone late at night.  I will not comment on her eating disorder but we all know it is there.

I took the picture because of all of the pizza laying around.  Look at it.  Just sitting there, for hours and hours, along with a stack of dirty dishes and all sorts of filth stuck to the table.

I think McCrae and/or Spencer are to blame for the pizza mess, although Helen is stomping around now saying that Amanda NEVER does dishes.  (Helen is not happy that Spencer was nominated today in Elissa's place, rather than Amanda.)  And let's just say that Helen has been counting a few chickens this week....  You'd think McCrae would be a little more respectful of leftover pizza.  We all know how great it is for breakfast, straight out of the fridge, ant-free.
OK so now Gina Marie has gone ballistic with a can of Raid.  Andy did a little spraying, too, and noted that Raid is "instant death" for the ants.  Helen took control and said they needed to wash all of the dishes again now.  Did you know Helen's a Mom?  

There are some dead bodies in this picture, but you can't see them very well.  Last year they had some sort of organic spray and the house guests complained that it didn't kill effectively.  Not the case with the Raid, but of course the spray stinks.  Gina Marie had to go outside for a moment to get some fresh air after apparently inhaling a few whiffs.

Good thing she's not a cock-a-roach, huh?

GMZ and Helen started removing all of the dishes from the cabinets, and GMZ had the idea to remove all of the dishes from the kitchen except enough for each of them to have a plate, a bowl, a cup, etc.  Their thinking here is that everyone will always have what they need because they will all clean up after themselves.

Personally, I find this reminiscent of The Chenbot telling us that the MVP Twist would prevent floaters. The concept is equally delusional.

Elissa came in from her outdoor workout and Helen shouted the news about the ants.  Elissa said that was like, so gross.

Elissa:  That is like, so gross.

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