Friday, August 16, 2013

Tennessee Has Hope For Judd's Return #BB15

East Tennessee's Judd Daughtery to get second shot at 'Big Brother'
By Chuck Campbell

Posted August 15, 2013 at 11:10 p.m.

Etowah's Judd Daugherty, after winning Head of Household on "Big Brother" on July 18, 2013.

It may not be “game over” for “Judd the Stud” after all.

Etowah resident Judd Daughtery was voted off the CBS reality show “Big Brother” last Thursday and sent to a sequestered location so he can be on the jury of former players who decide which of the show’s remaining two players will be awarded the $500,000 winner’s prize.

But at the end of this Thursday’s episode, show host Julie Chen announced that Daughtery, nicknamed “Judd the Stud,” and other jurors will have compete against each other next week for a chance to return to the game.

Chen didn’t reveal the nature of that competition.

Three other jurors will compete against Daughtery – Candice Stewart (who was also evicted last week), Jessie Kowalski, who was evicted this Thursday, and a to-be-determined player who is currently one of eight still in the “Big Brother” house but who will be voted out next Thursday.

Much to his surprise, Daughtery, who works in the property assessor’s office in McMinn County, was unanimously evicted last week. Although he had worked himself into a good position within the house since entering it as an underdog in June, Daughtery’s game got away from him in the week leading up to his eviction. He became distracted by the feuds of his fellow players, and he had put his trust in two players who had become convinced he had a special power in the house that he didn’t have. Those players worked with the others to arrange his expulsion.

Daughtery was popular with most of his fellow players, and several were sobbing as they sent the confused and betrayed Tennessean out.

He is also popular with fans of the show, who have embraced his mumbled drawl, his comical observations and even his T-shirt emblazoned with a huge image of a bear. When Daughtery was evicted, Twitter exploded with “Big Brother” fans who were outraged that he was sent packing due to a misunderstanding. Many fans also vowed to quit watching the show because he had been eliminated.

Or so they thought.

Meanwhile, player Aaryn Gries won the powerful “Head of Household” competition Thursday night, her fourth time winning the position. She will be safe from next week’s eviction, and she will pick two players who will be at risk of getting voted out.

Gries, a Texas model who has stirred controversy this season for her racist comments and caricatures, was the player who put Daughtery up for eviction last week.

When Daughtery won the Head of Household power earlier this season, he called Gries a “Texas tornado” and put her on the block, though his fellow players opted to keep her in the game and instead evict Kaitlin Barnaby.

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