Saturday, August 3, 2013

Surprise, Surprise... the MVP Has Spoken #BB15

America has once again voted for Amanda to be nominated.  I'm okay with that, but I wish it had been Helen, as I listen to her go on and on now with instructions for everyone in the house.

Gina Marie is telling the group in the HoH that it is Candice going home this week, just like it was Howard leaving last week.  Out of respect for her nominations she expects everyone to carry out her wishes this week.

Spencer and Judd were picked to play PoV.  Amanda reports that Spencer said he would use the PoV on her if he won, to make up for the way he treated her last week.

Boy what a change of events for Aaryn.  She ended up leaving the room and Amanda said it was because everyone keeps saying that if they win PoV they will save Amanda.

Amanda:  She thinks that if I come off the block, she will go up.

GMZ:  If I won it, and I used it on you, I would have to make absolutely fucking sure that Aaryn doesn't go home.

Helen thinks Candice may be the MVP, because of all of the air time, and Howard leaving.

Helen:  America loves the underdog!  They love it!

Apparently Gina Marie's speech was harsh.  I think she said she was "keeping it real".

GMZ:  She should be fucking packing her Candyland shit and get the fuck out of here!


  1. Damn, the video showing how racist Amanda turned out to be was probably what did it. Oh, and did anyone catch the part of that video where Amanda says how dirty and disgusting Puerto Ricans are then does on to say that she has slept with some? What a skank-asarus.

  2. Yeah, it was pretty bad. I think it all adds up to be much worse then what Aaryn has said. So far....

    Here is the link for people who want to see the video.


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