Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spencer Has High Hopes for Gina Marie and Nick #BB15

This is a Flashback from the wee hours of this morning, after the previously recapped post about the house guest's "numbers".

Amanda, Judd and McCrae went out to the couch to smoke, and Spencer joined Gina Marie in the hammock.  Their first topic of conversation was Candice, who is on the block this week, of course.

They comment that she isn't even doing anything this week to make them want to keep her in the house.  Spencer says that she attacked him like a wild animal last week and he can't stand hearing her voice.

(Candice uses a rather annoying "baby" voice that may or may not be authentic.  I'm often annoyed by it on the live feeds, so I can understand where he's coming from on that.)

Spencer is surprised that GMZ didn't nominate Elissa instead of him, since Elissa was the MVP who nominated Nick, and GMZ says she was worried about who Elissa is working with in the game.

GMZ:  You know, I was gonna do that, but if I did I know Helen would be pissed as shit....and Amanda would be pissed...McCrae....fucking all four of them, 'cause I know they're working together.  I'd get a new asshole if I put her up.

GMZ says they tried to get her out for three weeks and it didn't work.  Spencer says he understands, and there may be a time in the next few weeks when he needs something from her, so it's okay.  GMZ thinks that Jessie will be the next to go, and that two more people have to leave before the Jury is seated.

Spencer:  Two more weeks and it's easy money, and I can both use that shit.  I'm gonna buy a new car, put the rest in the bank and take Marilyn to the Bahamas (he won a trip), buy her a nice ring....gonna spank that booty a few times...

GMZ:  I want Nick to spank my fuckin' booty.

Spencer:  I hope he fucks the shit out of you, Gina Marie.

GMZ:  I hope so too...but he's scared of me...

Spencer:  I know he will just fuckin' rock his world.  I hope ya'll get married and invite me to the wedding.

GMZ:   Oh yeah, definitely.

Spencer:  Me and Marilyn will come up're gonna love that girl.  She's sweet and she'll think you're funny as shit.  You can imagine...a girl who's gonna put up with me has got to be cool.

GMZ: Oh, you're not that bad Spencer.

Gina Marie describes how nurturing she is, and how caring.

GMZ:   That's why guys walk all over me sometimes.

GMZ:  But with Nick?  When I first met 'em he was all cocky and shit, but I said, you wanna be cocky?  So I fuckin' stepped it up and he was like, oh shit. I was like, you're some big womanizer and you can't handle me?  When I came out in that stripper outfit, he almost fuckin' died!

GMZ:  Oh my god.  He doesn't know what's gonna happen to him.  I don't wanna scare him, though..

Spencer:  It's like, he's been eating granola his whole life, and you're gonna be like Frosted Flakes.

Gina Marie loves that and has a good laugh.

Spencer starts talking about how he loves to touch Marilyn's thighs, when GMZ alerts him that she has to burp.  She proceeded to execute one of the loudest belches I have ever heard.  McCrae acknowledges that he heard that over on the couch and GMZ is proud.

Then she started whispering about Aaryn getting into fights with Jessie and being pissy with her this week.

GMZ:  I don't want to go down on that sinking ship again...

Spencer:  We've just got to keep our fucking mouths shut around here....

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