Sunday, August 25, 2013

So, Was Helen Kim Pushed During the HoH Comp? #BB15

A talented Super Fan grabbed this shot of a hand behind the scenes, just before Helen "fell" off her perch during the HoH competition.

I'm not sure what to think about this.  I was watching the live feeds when this happened, and just a second or two before both Helen and Candice fell, the ledge moved so far back in the wall that the back of their calves were smashed up against the wall, tipping them forward.  Several of them made a sharp sound when this happened, like an "oh shit" type of noise.   I assumed this threw off their balance since they couldn't lean back.

I guess I'm saying I don't think Helen was pushed, but clearly there were crew members behind the wall for whatever reason.

After Judd fell off some time later, I heard him discussing matters with Spencer and McCrae in the dugout.  He was telling them what life was like in the Jury House with Candice for two weeks, and he said maybe Candice just jumped off the wall so she could go back to the Jury House with Helen, since it was so plush.

But I think Candice had to lean forward like Helen did and this threw off her balance, particularly if she looked over at Helen falling off.  Sort of like how you can fall during yoga class if you look at the other people in Tree Pose or Warrior Three.

The competition will air on tonight's CBS show, so let's all keep a sharp eye on Helen's fall.


On the CBS show, they showed Helen falling only from a camera angle to Helen's right, which is the opposite from what we see above.  And they edited Candice's exit to occur well after Helen's fall.  In fact, they inserted a commercial between the two, so that they could include clips of GMZ talking about Candice.

Suspicious?  What do you think?


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  2. It does look pretty suspicious! But on the other hand, if they would leave the show be, and not meddle with it, I think it could become boring. So they need to spice things up. I'm sure they tell them stuff in the DR, give them hints, and so on.

  3. It looks as though the hand may have pushed the back of the platform slightly up, which is probably all they'd need to do to get Helen to fall at that moment.

    I have always believed that the competitions are rigged (as much as possible) for certain house guests to win. Especially the tie breaker questions. How many seconds blah blah blah...? There's usually no way to confirm the correct answer. The correct answer depends on which of the remaining house guests they'd like to win HOH. I loved Jeff & Jordan, but Jordan winning that final HOH was beyond amazing. I love Amanda, but even without seeing the POV competition, I would not be surprised if it was suspiciously fixed for her to win.

    I predicted that Elissa would win HOH last week, and this week I predict that Judd will win HOH. Whatever causes the most drama.

    I still love this fucking show. Wish it was on all year long. I also love this blog. Great job, Blog person!


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