Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Proof that Elissa May Be High #BB15

I just heard her tell Andy that he looked like Prince Harry today.


 Maybe Elissa is confused, and doesn't realize Andy's reign as HoH is now over, effective with the end of Monday's PoV ceremony.  Other than listening to Andy's Madonna CD, there is really nothing more Elissa can get out of Andy this week.  She's a Have Not, so she can't even enjoy his snacks.  Unless, like Helen, she called dibs on Andy's chunk of Manchego cheese to eat during Have Not Happy Hour.

In case you don't know, this is Prince Harry, who is Super Smoking Hot.

The second-born royal son is known as The Spare (ie. The Heir and The Spare), but I don't think Harry should feel too badly about that.  I think The Spare has more fun.  Just sayin'.

So, in summary, I don't even think Andy looks like The Heir, much less The Spare.

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