Saturday, August 10, 2013

Prepare to Be Disgusted #BB15

McCrae is trying to rest before the PoV, and is disturbed by a proposal Helen made to him recently.  Apparently Helen wanted to make a final three deal with him, that did not include Elissa or Amanda.

McCrae says it is great news if it's true....if he believes it...

But Amanda is more interested in the filth growing in McCrae's left ear.

Amanda ran down the hallway to get a Q-Tip and McCrae enjoyed a blessed moment of silence while she was gone.

She dug out something gross, and made sure that McCrae acknowledged it, and also that we all saw it, too.

McCrae doesn't feel good, but doesn't want to take medicine for it.  Amanda nagged him about this for a few minutes.  He doesn't want to take Pepto Bismal, and his feet hurt, too.

Amanda wants to know when the last time McCrae changed his underwear was...he said "two days ago", so Amanda did the math and calculated that his undies are three days old.  (***Ew***)  Then a few minutes later she said that something she was thinking about was "turning her on" and mentioned that she stopped taking The Pill before she came in the house.

Amanda: I brought one pack in with me...should I start taking it?

McCrae:  I don't know.  

Amanda:  It takes awhile to start working.

FYI I read online that Amanda and McCrae had actual intercourse when the live feeds were down during the drunken Halfway Party they had on Wednesday night.  None of the fans saw this, of course, but I guess live feeders heard them allude to it afterwards.  I did not hear it with my own ears, but what Amanda just said kind of leads me to believe it is true.

They compared arches and McCrae said that she has "crazy arches".

The camera show us the lovely Gina Marie sleeping in the Have Not room.  They actually got so close up that we could see snot glistening in her nostrils, but I was not that quick with the camera.  You're welcome!

Spencer is having Sleepy Time, too.  Dreaming of unicorns and butterflies, I'm sure.

Clownie never sleeps. He is always watching...waiting...

He is in Aaryn's hat---remember Hat Gate #1, when Candice supposedly sat on Aaryn's cowboy hat on purpose?  Spencer actually made that up but that didn't stop Aaryn from ripping Candice a new one.  Ahhh...the memories.  (You can see the Mean Girls in action here.)


Back in the bed with McCranda, McCrae advised Amanda not to make any more jokes about Aaryn's weight, because she already has body distortion issues.

Amanda reacts strongly to this and says she was only joking, and Aaryn knew that.

Amanda:  How come Andy can joke all of the time about evicting people but I make one joke and you yell at me!

(We all know joking about someone getting fat is NOT the same thing, right ladies?  Hell no.)

Amanda got out of bed and kind of stormed out of the room.

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