Sunday, August 25, 2013

Post PoV Competition - The Zingbot Stopped By the #BB15 House

I took these pictures right after the live feeds came back after yesterday's PoV.  Once again, the Zingbot made an appearance and the PoV competition involved saving Baby Zingbot.  There was a birthday party theme and the house guests were wearing party hats and they carried gift bags.  I don't think Spencer played in the PoV, but it looks like he got a gift bag.  Is that a fake tit in that package?  Or a whoopie cushion?

Judd congratulated Amanda on her win.  To her credit, Amanda did not seem to be gloating very much.  There was an air of calm in the room as she and McCrae knew they were safe for another week.  Amanda said she tried to not even look at Elissa when she won.  During Monday's PoV Ceremony Amanda plans to say "nobody comes between me and my man" when she uses it to save McCrae.

Except I think she will say "pizza boy" in order to be consistent with her many DR sessions discussing McCrae. Just a guess.

The competition was really difficult, and Judd had a hard time breathing.  I think the medic had to visit the backyard to give them oxygen.  I got this from something Aaryn said later, that the competition made her feel like an old woman.

 What are the odds that the Zingbot didn't mention Clownie?  Maybe Clownie will make another suicide attempt in shame.


This is Gina Marie talking to Elissa in the HoH bathroom, in the reflection across the room.  I thought Elissa was naked for a moment but of course she is wearing a bikini.

Amanda showered and McCrae talked to her quickly about just laying low for the next day or so, and he advised her not to try to push Elissa into nominating someone like Gina Marie.  Amanda agreed, but c'mon now.  We all know Amanda will not be able to help herself, particularly when wine is involved.

There aren't any Have Nots this week, at least not yet.

Upstairs Elissa got weepy about the situation, saying that she "needs a special power now", because next week she will be going home.  (actually Elissa, you will go to the Jury House with your buddies Candice and Helen).

Elissa:  Everyone who goes against Amanda goes home!

(That is Judd she is talking to.)

It's hard to cry effectively with all of that Botox.  As a matter of fact, I think crying is the worst Botox look. 

Obviously there is a lot of anxiety now in the house, since someone besides Amanda will now be nominated in McCrae's place on Monday morning.  If I had to guess, I would say Andy will be sitting next to Aaryn on the chopping block.  I heard Elissa venting about him after the PoV, obviously irritated that he already started to pester her about her plans.

I haven't heard too much talk about what the Zingbot said to the house guests, other than Andy.  Apparently Andy's "zing" involved him being a floater.  Andy was VERY upset about this, and told McCrae that if "he watches this and America thinks he is a floater, and he is evicted by Elissa's hand, he's going to have a nervous breakdown and kill himself".

Better keep that medic on call...

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