Thursday, August 8, 2013

One Year Ago Today - "Danielle Obsesses About Shane" - #throwbackthursday #BB15

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday on Twitter, I bring you this very popular post from one year ago today, when the topic of  Danielle Murphree drove Big Brother fans crazy.  The people who mocked her were in overdrive, but nothing was more crazy than the people who tried to defend her.

Last year at this time, Danielle was HoH, and in this post she discusses her "showmance" with Shane Meany, and also starts blabbing about "Trey", who may or may not have ever been romantically interested in Danielle back home in Alabama.  (Every year innocent people get dragged into the BB drama, and Trey was one of those people last year.)

You can read the entire post here.  Enjoy this throwback as we await the live double eviction tonight!

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