Friday, August 16, 2013

One Evicted Juror Will Re-Enter the Game This Thursday #BB15

Julie Chen told us last night that one of the four evicted house guests (including this week's evictee) will compete for the right to re-enter the game this Thursday night.

We've done this quite a few times in past seasons of Big Brother, so I find it laughable to hear people say BB US is "copying" BB Canada.  For example, the following house guests have returned to the game after being evicted:

* Amy -  BB3
*  Kaysar - BB6
*  Crazy James - BB9 
*  Brendon - BB13

 Both Kaysar and Crazy James won the right to return via America's Choice, but Brendon had to compete to do so. He didn't have to compete very hard though, with the likes of Lawon fighting against him.  I don't remember Amy's situation, but I do remember her telling the house guests that she had been vacationing in Mexico and at a convenience store people in line recognized her and discussed her love of cheese.  (No way the BB15 got to have this level of random human contact, though.)

It is likely that the evicted house guests have not even been to the Jury House yet, and have been sequestered separately leading up to the live competition, coming up this Thursday.  In BB6, they brought back Kaysar relatively early in the game, and you might recall that the very first evictee, Ashlea (Janelle's partner) chose to self-evict from sequester, rather than to sit around for another three weeks for a potential chance at coming back. 

During BB13 Brendon told everyone that he had spent the time at a house in Palm Springs, and I remember getting the impression that people lived in the house at the time, and he was their guest.  The homeowner had been told that their guest was a big boy with a big appetite, so that she could stock up the pantry.

Brendon said they had a pool, so he worked out by the pool and ate continually during his week off from the game. (I covered a little of this here.) 

I kind of like the idea of Judd kicking back in some multimillion dollar tropical oasis, somewhere in Orange County.  Hopefully his minders put on a good show for him, a simple man from Tennessee.  I think Brendon said he was allowed to watch DVDs, and I think he binge-watched some drama series but I don't remember which one. 

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