Saturday, August 3, 2013

Once Again, It's All About Amanda #BB15

Andy:  Who the hell is the MVP?

Spencer:  I think it's America.

Amanda:  Well, fuck you Spencer!


They go over the people who were called to the DR this morning, and what it might mean. Judd says this blows his theory that Howard was the MVP.  McCrae thought Amanda might be nominated after she went to the DR this morning.

Spencer:  Well, I went to the DR this morning, but not for that....I can't say why I was in there...

Judd:  Why, were you peeing blood?

Spencer:  It might have been related to my poor performance...

Judd:  With the bullhorn?

(Spencer "won" the bullhorn and had to speak with it exclusively for 24 hours.  Elissa took it from him, though, and blew out the batteries and BB did not replace them until the next day.)

Spencer thinks Howard packed up all of his socks and his fishing hat "by mistake".    McCrae says Howard took his hat, too. (His "Samuel L. Jackson" newsboy cap.)

Someone says there is a fishing hat in the Cockpit and Howard hopes it is his.

Judd:  You know my fedora hat?  Well, Howard borrowed that a few weeks ago and I noticed he kept it right there, with his stuff.  I snatched it back before he packed up....

Not sure about that pose from Judd, but below he is sifting through a bag of mini candy bars.  He found a Mr. Goodbar in the bag and is ecstatic about it.

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