Thursday, August 15, 2013

OMG Helen Puts Janelle's Name in Her Mouth Again #BB15

Helen:  You are Janelle girl!  You are awesome!  You won fair and square and you're rocking it!  You should be so proud of yourself!

And on, and on, and on.

Just before this Aaryn and Gina Marie were having a pretty serious conversation about something Elissa said to them before the live show.  Apparently she told Aaryn that she didn't want to sit next to them on the couch because they were disgusting pieces of trash.  (or something like that)


Aaryn:  It was really stupid of Elissa to act like that right before an HoH competition...

GMZ:  I like me.  I don't care if she don't like it or what anybody thinks, I like me...

Amanda came in there and started whining about how she sucks and can't win anything.  All me me me me me me me.  Then McCrae followed her in the room like a dog and started humping her leg, apparently.

She wants to see a "fucking picture of her fucking family".  I think I see a little tear.  Maybe.


  1. Um, where can we vote for who comes back next Thursday? I cannot find it anywhere on the CBS site?!

  2. Julie said they would compete for a spot to reenter the game.

    It will likely be a quickie competition like the one they did during BB13 when Brendon won the right to come back in the house.

    FYI I do not believe they have been to the Jury House yet. I think they are all sequestered in hotel rooms or something, and the losers this Thursday will then go together to the Jury House.

    During BB13 Brendon said he had been staying at a home in Palm Desert with a family who lived there (I think.) The homeowners had been told that Brendon is a big eater, so they could stock up the pantry. Brendon said they were amazed at his eating capabilities. He also said he worked out all week by their pool.


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