Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Proof that CBS Thinks We Are All Stoned Idiots #BB15

They are preparing for the show tonight and we are watching Trivia for Dummies.

They have been locked down inside since early yesterday morning, so an elaborate set for the competition is most likely being built outside.  They are due for another endurance competition, so you can guess who will NOT be winning HoH tonight.  (i.e. Spencer, Spencer, and Spencer)  (and Howard, if he is still there..)

Because the endurance competition will not be concluded on tonight's show, it will be seen on Sunday night's CBS show.  As is customary in this type of situation, there will not be a Have Not competition.  Instead, it is likely that the Have Nots will be picked in one of the following ways:

1.  The first three or four who "drop" will be Haves, and all remaining will be Have Nots. Except for the HoH, of course.  This is always tricky for the house guests, for obvious reasons.  Are they comfortable enough with their position in the game to just drop so they can eat and drink this week? 

2.  The house guests who drop may pick a "prize" and inside there may be cash or prizes, or perhaps a unitard or Have Not status. 

3.  If Production is lazy enough, they could have the new HoH pick who the Have Nots are, although surely they can do better than that. 

I think Elissa would be hard to beat in an endurance competition, with her yoga skills and flexibility.  I was watching her do yoga this morning on a bath towel in the bedroom and she really is a human pretzel. 

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