Thursday, August 8, 2013

McCranda Plans Their Future, Bickers #BB15

Amanda can't wait "to show McCrae his new home", where he will "help keep things clean".   McCrae says he will never pay for a maid, and Amanda assures him that he will if he lives with her.  Candice asks from down the hall if they are talking about moving in together and Amanda says yes.

Amanda is making grilled cheese and soup for them.

Amanda:  Can you see me making lunch for our kids?

McCrae:  No...

Amanda:  What?  Can't you see how maternal I am?

McCrae:  You are very maternal.

Judd whispers to Spencer to update him on the little fight he just had with Jessie.

Judd:  I told her she was the worst person I ever met.

Judd reports to McCrae that he has talked to Elissa and Helen so they don't think he was degrading women or anything.

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