Thursday, August 8, 2013

Looking Back to the Beginning of It All... #BB15

At the halfway point of Big Brother each year, I always like to go back and watch the first episode again, knowing what I know now about the house guests and what will happen to many of them in the game.

All episodes of BB15 are available for viewing on the CBS website, with most of the commercials removed.

I particularly like seeing the house guests' homes and workplaces.  For example, we get to see Spencer hard at work at his railroad job, Aaryn playing on her farm, and Jessie playing volleyball and looking incredibly fit doing so.  And let's not forget watching McCrae deliver two pizza pies and zooming away in his beater.

Here are a few things I noted from the premiere episode that I totally forgot about until now.

*  Elissa's BB "dream board" that looks like a kindergarten student made it, complete with an incorrect spelling of Jun Song's name.

*  Andy wearing his "Garanimals" clothes to teach a class, and then telling us while he was packing his suitcase that his clothes were "way too cute to leave behind".

*  Gina Marie's mother in the restaurant when Gina Marie received her BB key.  I blocked that part out, apparently, and had no recollection of seeing her before seeing her picture in the HoH room.

*  McCrae showing us the newsboy hat he bought for $1, he says. This is the same hat that Howard took with him when he left the house, without McCrae's permission.

*  McCrae telling us that "he's not gay", but if he was he would "totally tear Howard apart".  (WTF?)

*  McCrae without the succubus Amanda attached to him, monitoring his every word and action.

*  Amanda commenting that Nick was the most attractive man in the house, due to his confidence.

*  Judd saying that he thought he "died and went to heaven" when he met Gina Marie, because he told us when he was packing his suitcase that he was hoping to meet some "hot, Italian women from Staten Island".  (Based on what I have heard Judd say, I think he was picturing a JoJo type of girl.)

*  Judd was the first one down off his popsicle in the first HoH competition.

*  Spencer complaining about Gina Marie already, saying she is the only person who "laughs with an accent".

*  Julie Chen wore what I think will be her prettiest dress of the season, colorful and flowing.

*  David was the last person to walk in the house (and of course the first one to leave).

*  Jesse bragged about her leadership qualities, and listed all of the things she was in charge of in school.  Who knew?

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