Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's Feast Our Eyes and Ears on Judd #BB15

Elissa is in the shower and McCrae is buttering her up, talking about how much she deserves this, how hard she's worked for it.  Elissa is happy to be getting a bottle of wine tonight, and is so happy Judd is back.

Judd says he was so nervous getting ready for tonight.

Judd said that he just didn't have much to talk to Candice about, but otherwise the Jury House was nice.  He really missed everyone there, even though he realizes they may not believe him.

McCrae tells him that Jessie got really nasty the last few days in the house.  We keep getting FISH and then Spencer and Amanda are in there.  Judd said he needed to check with Production to find out what was okay to say and what isn't, since they apparently don't want him to disclose too much information about the Jury House.

I think the feeds keep going down because Judd is talking about the other Juror's lives. They were talking about Jessie being in sales before coming in the house.

Judd:  Jessie's wantin' to be an actress now....

Amanda:  An actress?  And what was it about Candice?

Judd:  She's dated a bunch of people in the music business...

Amanda:  What?  The music business?


 Judd is pacing, trying to calm himself.

Judd:  Today was more nervewrackin' then the move -in day.

Amanda asks what he said to McCrae as he left when evicted--didn't he tell McCrae he wanted Jessie gone?

Judd:  I whispered it to McCrae.


When we return the guys are in the bedroom, making room for Judd's things.  Amanda was there, too.  Judd was shocked to see Helen had been evicted, and didn't know it was her until the very last minute.

They are peppering Judd with questions about his interview with Julie after eviction.  He got to Jury the next day and Candice was there.  They really didn't talk much about the game, and Judd thinks this is because they were coming back tonight.

(I've heard Jessie Godderz say that they aren't allowed to talk about the game much, anyway.  Even in a "regular" Jury House situation. Only when the cameras are filming.)

Judd says Jessie has an electronic cigarette and it was really cool.  Amanda brings up Jessie yelling "fuck you Amanda" when she left and Judd tries to soften it, saying that he thought she was really mad at Elissa.

Amanda tries to remember her goodbye message to Jessie.  As I recall, it wasn't overly nice.

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