Saturday, August 17, 2013

Leave the Frog Alone, Helen! #BB15

Everyone has been waiting for hours for the damn PoV competition to begin.  Helen was sitting in the Cockpit with Elissa and when Elissa left to lay down to rest, Helen started messing with the frog who has been living in that room since the Frog Gigging PoV Challenge.

I'm not sure what her goal was, but she seems to be torturing the poor little thing.

She took him in the bathroom and scrubbed at him for two rounds of cleaning.

 Frog:  HELP!  HELP!

She went to the kitchen for a glass of chocolate milk, and then went right back to work on the poor frog.

Meanwhile McCrae enjoys private time sitting in the kitchen area, reading the Bible.  I guess he was unable to hear the frog's screams.

In related news, Clownie is resting comfortably this afternoon, having recovered from the hanging incident, and the later prescription pill overdose scare.

We always hurt the ones we love.


  1. Looks like Helen is "losing it." That, or she has a frog fetish! That's just WRONG! Someone better check her suitcase before she leaves to make sure Froggie isn't in there!

  2. She would make a lot more $$$ on Ebay if she left it alone, right?

  3. Helen Kim on IMBD is listed as an actress that played Karen in Kill Bill 2 and it shows her BB picture on the same page. I watched KB2 last night and "Karen" looks nothing like Helen. I'm pretty confused. Is it the same lady?

  4. I don't think Helen has any entertainment aspirations, which is nice for a change.

    Helen Kim is her maiden name. She said she used it so people from her past would see her and get in contact with her after the game is over. I think her married name is Helen Fitzpatrick. She said this on the live feeds, so I'm not disclosing any big secrets. I wouldn't do that to anyone, but especially to Helen since she seems to live a "real" life and I respect the fact that her husband has stayed out of things, perhaps learning a lesson from Amanda's dad's experience.

    Kim is a very common Asian surname, I guess.

  5. I was just thrown by her BB picture being on the actresses IMDB page.

  6. I don't dig that deep into their private lives, to be honest.

    A lot of the info is unreliable, for example I think Jeff Schroeder is listed as a member of the Smashing Pumpkins.

    As if..

  7. Ha! He wishes he was that cool.


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