Thursday, August 22, 2013

Judd Will Be Returning to the Game #BB15

The little ledge yanked in sharply, and then went into the wall a little, pressing up against the back of their legs.

Both Helen and Candice held for a few moments, and then fell.  First Helen and then Candice.  Helen left with class, wishing everybody luck.  Maybe Candice said something nice, but of course I couldn't hear her over Helen's voice.

After TRIVIA we hear Judd telling the group he wants to come back and have a clean slate with everybody.  Andy claps and says he's proud of Judd. 

Yeah, I bet he is.

Judd:  By the way, I'm glad ya'll voted Helen out....she was a nice lady, but...

The dugout laughs.

Amanda says she's doing okay now, but she may have popped an implant earlier when the ball hit her.  Gina Marie says she likes Judd's hair.

Judd repeats that he's not mad at them, he's learned a few things since he left and no explanations are necessary.

Judd:  I did have to hear Oprah stories for two weeks...that's the only thing I'm bitter about.

They all laugh.  Judd tells them the Jury House is really nice, but they are sequestered like they were before the game.  He says it was "girl talk mania" in there and they all "had to have different rooms".

They weren't allowed to talk game unless the camera was around, so he said it was kind of boring, and all they think about is what is going on in the house.  He found out two days ago that they would be competing in the game.

The heckler is back, shouting, and security is chasing him.  Elissa has 7 balls, I think.

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