Friday, August 30, 2013

Judd is the Cleanest Chicken in Town #BB15

So Judd is the lucky house guest who will be wearing a chicken suit for the next 48 hours.  The suit comes complete with orange pants and a little chicken-head hat.  Judd removed it and set it aside so he could take care of a few things this morning.

First he went in there for awhile.

The chicken suit sat and waited patiently.

 Judd in his undies, getting in the shower.  He took them off once he was in the shower stall, of course.  While he was showering Amanda sat in there and talked to him a little bit.  Judd admitted the chicken suit was "probably goin' to get old".  They also discussed how dirty the shower was.

Judd:  I don't even know how to go about cleanin' it...

Amanda:  Do you see the flies in there?

Judd:  Yeah.


 Note that the chicken pants also function as the chicken feet. I think it would have been more humorous if Spencer was the chicken, but I'm sure the costume fits Judd a little better.

It's kind of an off-the-shoulder look for Judd, and the left shoulder appears to be ripped a few inches.  Judd also seemed to be upset that the cross tattoo on his back is visible when he turns around.  Everyone knows chickens don't get tats, so Judd has a point there.

Amanda stared at herself for a few minutes in the kitchen, and then went up stairs to the HoH.

Gina Marie was moving around, getting ready for the day, and Amanda told her that she's going to try and avoid Elissa today, and then she started with a bout of fake crying that was amazing.  I thought at first that Amanda was trying to imitate Elissa, but then I realized she was pretending to cry to get some sympathy from Gina Marie.

Get This:  As Amanda left the HoH GMZ was sitting at the little round table putting on makeup, and as Amanda left she told GMZ she loved her and GMZ repeated it right back, adding "honey" or "sweetie" for good measure.

Then as the door closed GMZ made the "blow job" hand-and-cheek motion and went back to her makeup.

If you know know, today is going to be good...particularly after nominations.

Oh, and as GMZ descended the spiral staircase in her HoH robe and slippers she slipped and fell hard on her tailbone.  (I have done that on my own carpeted staircase and still have lingering lower back problems years later from it.....Production needs to call the Medic now...)

Gina Marie is a Weeble, but she said it really hurt, and sat there for a long moment, collecting herself. (If you don't know, Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down.)

 Elissa came over and said that staircase was so dangerous wearing slippers, and GMZ said no more slippers from now on.  You can see that she kicked them off. 
After a few minutes GMZ got up and walked off, but I predict some lingering pain and suffering.  When she fell it was on the back part of the staircase, but I think she fell and then bumped down a step or two on her butt.  She said she hurt her foot, but she also mentioned her back and that is the part that can last a lifetime, unfortunately.

The only good part of my injury was that big bottle of Soma I got from the doctor....


Judd and Spencer must have tied.  Ha ha ha.

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