Saturday, August 31, 2013

Judd Admits He's Swagged Out #BB15

which is some sort of tanning product by Pauly D.

GMZ:  By Pauly D?   For real?

Judd:  Yeah...he's got three kinds of it...

GMZ:  You've got to come to Staten Island, Judd.  I'll fix you up with some real ho's...

Judd:  You and me and JoJo need to go out!

FYI - On the very first CBS episode, you may recall that Judd said he was hoping there would be a girl from Staten Island in the house, because he wanted to hang out with someone totally different from the people he knows at home. 

I don't think Gina Marie is his type, but he'd be willing to take JoJo for a spin.  Just a guess.

Gina Marie has a cold pack on her foot, so I guess the toe isn't broken.

They all laugh, thinking that the evicted house guests must be loving what is happening this week.

Judd:  Nick is probably loving this...

GMZ:  And Howard?  Ha ha ha and Kaitlin and Jeremy?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Judd:  I'm pretty sure Kaitlin doesn't have a picture of me on the mantle or anything...

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