Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jessie Makes Waves, Angers Helen Kim #BB15

This is a Flashback from last night, around 11:30 pm BBT.  A crew of house guests were in the HoH talking smack about Jessie, when suddenly Jessie appeared.

Jessie sat quietly while GMZ made an excuse for leaving.  Elissa turned to leave, but in a BIZARRE turn stopped at the door to ask Jessie if she was taking "any medication" this week.  Jessie seemed bewildered by the question and needed clarification.

Elissa:  You've been over analytical this whole week, so I'm wondering if you've been taking something...

Jessie:  No....I'm offended that you would even ask that...

Elissa:  Oh, you're offended?  Okay.

(The DR ought to back slap Elissa about that....it might be okay to ask a friend about their medications, but this is being broadcast.....some sort of confidentiality must apply, right?)

Even though she was outnumbered, Jessie appeared calm, and turned to Helen after Elissa left.  She called Helen out for telling Amanda that Jessie was the one who wanted to evict Amanda in the last two weeks.

Helen got LOUD in her denial, really patronizing Jessie and trying to pull rank on her with her dismissive comments.  At least three times she announced she was leaving, and stomped to the door, before turning around to dish up some more denial.

Jessie got specific, mentioning how Helen was "over the moon" when she thought they only needed one more vote to evict Amanda.  I think her calmness showed that she was telling the truth, while Helen just got angrier and angrier.

 Look at Helen's face.  She is LIVID.

After Helen finally left Jessie told Andy that Candice was encouraging her to "hook up with Judd to get his vote" so that they wouldn't even need Andy's vote to evict Amanda.  Andy is just listening..

As they leave the HoH Suite Jessie tells Andy she is always the fall guy for all of their schemes and lies.

Jessie:  And for Elissa to ask me about MY medications?  She needs to look in the mirror.

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