Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jessie is all Clingy with Judd Now #BB15

Jessie came in the room and asked Judd if he wanted to speak privately.  He seemed confused and said no, and she went over and wanted him to scoot over to make room for her.  Judd says he needs some electrolyte water--he feels strange now and his hands are a little numb.

Judd has said he needs electrolytes now at least five times.  Maybe drinking a two liter of Coke wasn't the best thing for his blood sugar, you think?

They say it was so hot out there in those costumes. Andy wishes that BB would cut them a break and have the competitions in the early evenings, when it's cool.

Gina Marie has to wear a "Cone of Shame" for 48 hours.  I picture it like an "Elizabethan collar" that a dog wears after surgery.  Like this:

But who knows.... Amanda won "50 Shades of Orange" and has to "tan" every time the music goes off tonight.  Like an orange chum bath, I guess.  I find that ironic because McCrae has said over and over that he really wanted to take a chum bath this year.  So I guess he will join in, right?

Aaryn added a sparkley accent to her camouflage hat and is actually playing very well, I think.  She is controlling her emotions and thinking strategically.  She is 100% focused on evicting Candice and is trying to convince Gina Marie not to nominate Elissa, but wants her to make her own decisions to keep her own hands clean. 

A few minutes ago Spencer admitted that he likes the jean shorts that he was given in one of the recent competitions.  He talked about his friend who wears jean shorts every day of the year with a tank top.  He told McCrae that this guy used to make $6,000 a week selling K2, synthetic marijuana, and "really got screwed".

I guess he means by the laws that made K2 illegal.  He said that he smokes a lot of it himself and is probably one of the Top Five users in the US.  He says he used to sprinkle it on his weed and if you smoke a whole blunt of it, then you probably would go crazy.  He demonstrated how he sets up his TV area for convenient smoking.

Jessie:  Damn Spencer, you sound like a damn druggie.

Judd:  Is this after rehab?


Spencer:  Before.

Then he addressed us all, saying that we should use metal implements to clean our pipes and bongs, spraying them with Pam first so the resin won't stick.

McCrae:  Oh dude.  I never thought of that.

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  1. Hope GMZ puts up Elissa... her voice and fake laugh are killing me!


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