Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jessie Faces the Facts #BB15

After Jessie's showdown with Helen I reported on earlier, the following hours were filled with whispers, lies, and (mostly true) allegations.  Oh, and a little spying, too.  This is a Flashback that happened sometime in the wee hours of this morning. 

Helen had a conversation in the cockpit where she was filling people in on what Jessie just said to her, and the accusations she made about Helen and Elissa targeting Amanda.  Jessie listened in at the door, and then ran upstairs to tell Andy.

She didn't get the reaction she wanted, though, as Andy admitted saying what she accused him of...basically he warned Helen that Jessie was upset with her and would be targeting them.

A little later Andy was sitting with Helen, Elissa and Aaryn and they were laughing about how Jessie still thinks she is staying this week, and Jessie was eavesdropping on that conversation, also.

Jessie told Andy that she heard everything, she knew it all. Then she went out on the patio and talked with Spencer and Gina Marie, telling them that she is going to the Jury this week, and if either of them makes it to the end they will get her vote to win.

Jessie surprised herself by being able to control her emotions tonight, and to handle herself with relative grace. (She did.)  Jessie tells them "sweet little Mom Helen" is a lying sack of scum.  She is not going to have an episode on the live show like Candice did, but plans to spend the rest of her time this week blowing "everybody's shit up and making them hate each other". 

Jessie tells them to sit back and enjoy the show.  She told GMZ that Aaryn always talks shit about her, and tells Spencer that Aaryn has been saying that she wants Spencer out.

Jessie:  It's kind of a relief...to think that Helen told me she was like my big sister, and then to hear her stab me in the back like that.....when I get to the Jury me and Judd are going to have a nice chat...

GMZ tells her she thinks Judd was genuinely fond of her, and then this devolves into a discussion of Nick, and how he cried and said he wanted her to meet his family.

Jessie:  Me and Judd were not like that.

GMZ:  I need to go fucking floss my teeth and pee and poop...

(No, I'm not making this up.)

(But have you ever seen GMZ look this good?)

After GMZ leaves Jessie tells Spencer that Amanda and McCrae are working closely with Helen and Elissa, and that Andy goes around and tells everything to all four of them.  She says Aaryn is a rat, too.

Jessie:  And I'll be in there rooting for you..

Spencer:  Thank you..

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