Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jessie Begins Her Attack on Elissa #BB15

Jessie was taking a shower when Elissa came in the bathroom and they smirked as they greeted each other.

Elissa:  How are you doing?

Jessie:  Much worse, now that you are here.

Elissa was silent and got into the other side of the shower to change into her bikini.  Jessie went on and on about how good the hot shower felt, she could be in there all day. (Elissa is a Have Not.)

McCrae was in the bathroom and Jessie cranked it up, probably for his benefit.

Jessie:  So what are you going to do today, Rachel's Shadow?

Elissa was silent.

Jessie:  Nothing?  Well, that's what you've been doing this whole game...

(ha ha ha ha  I love the new mean Jessie.)

Elissa gathered up her things and left the room quickly.

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