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Jeff Gets the Scoop from Kaitlin Barnaby #BB15

I started working on this last week and I guess I just lost interest.  Sorry for the delay.  I don't like Jeff's shoes. 

Jeff wanted to start the interview slowly, easing her into it by asking about her overall strategy.  Her plan to was "to use guys and manipulate them" but she "kinda got sucked into a different situation".  She also wanted to lay low, but that didn't really work out.

The game was nothing like she thought it would be, and it was "worse than high school", with all of the lying and deceiving.
Jeff points out that people who watch the show have no idea what it is really like to be in there, and Kaitlin agrees, saying that she is surprised no one has gone insane yet.

She says she felt a connection with Jeremy from the second day, and thought he would protect her in the game.  She also thought she could manipulate him and even after the first week she didn't feel anything for him at all.  Jeff seemed surprised but Kaitlin says that Jeremy felt the same way about her at first, and they talked about it.

Kaitlin was so salty when she got evicted that she was trying to pretend that she wasn't mad, and she was.  She is sorry that she was so dismissive of Jeremy when when she spoke to Julie Chen.  Jeff backed her up on that, saying it is so emotional when you leave the house and it is a strange feeling.

Kaitlin says she doesn't remember what she and Julie talked was all a blur. Jeff re-enacted part of it by shrugging his shoulders and saying "the door is always open" and she laughed and said that it is very hard to date someone who lives in a different state and she isn't about to move for a guy anytime soon.

For some reason Jeff tries to ask her a question about Under the Dome but then realizes he is looking at the wrong questions.  Then he felt the need to tell her that a new animal, the "zonkey" was born that week.  (I think Jeff should stick to the correct cue cards.)

Now Jeff brings up the Mean Girls Club and Kaitlin says she has been asked that question all day long.  She went in there being "Minnesota nice" and didn't do anything mean to anybody.  She ended up aligning with "a group of catty girls" and had to apologize for them in the house.  Jeff missed an opportunity to fire back at this, because he was looking off to his right in a very distracted way.  Turns out that a computer is there with the list of questions to be asked and he ended up pulling it over so that Kaitlin could read them herself.

Jeff:  Go ahead...this is live!  We just keep goin'...

Someone asked about Andy, and she said that she thought he was a trustworthy friend from the very beginning.  She felt the same way about Helen but has "learned differently today" about that, giving us a knowing look.

Kaitlin:  I mean, what can you do?  You can't really take anything back.

Jeff asked if she had any regrets and she said that being friends with Aaryn really brought out the worst in her at times.  She mentioned the bed flipping incident and admits she acted ruthless that night and "that's not really her".  They agree she was guilty by association. 

She says it sucks that people lied to her face about staying in the game, and wishes they had told her that she was leaving. 

Kaitlin:  That's why I didn't hug anybody when I left....I'll see them all on Finale night and by then I won't be holding any grudges.

Jeff:  You didn't hug Aaryn.  Is there bad blood there?

Kaitlin:  No, not bad blood.  But I'm just upset that she threw me under the bus.  It is what it is, it's a game at the end of the day.

She hates being called a Mean Girl, and Jeff tells her that she has no idea yet about how the fans watch the show and the game and how into it they get.

Jeff:  You're going to have some explaining to do...


Jeff:  I'm kidding!  That was for Jeremy, too.

Kaitlin didn't know that Aaryn was so busy last week throwing her under the bus.  Kaitlin claims that she started distancing herself from Aaryn after the bed flipping incident because she didn't approve of it.

She didn't think she needed to campaign to stay because she thought she was safe, Helen and Andy both told her that she was (sad face) and there's nothing she can do about it now.  Kaitlin realizes now that you can't really trust anybody in there.  After Jeremy left she really was all alone in the game.  She tried to hold it together on the way out, and wanted to be classy and not call anybody out or vent in anger.  She says she's already over the anger now that she's back in civilization.

Jeff:  You're not back yet....not yet...almost.

Kaitlin can't wait to speak to her family and would never regret such an awesome experience.  She is thankful to CBS for choosing her to be on the show.

Kaitlin hated the twist, and when Jeff asked her what the twist was, she said having Rachel's sister in the house.  Kaitlin had been "talking crap" about Rachel before she knew who Elissa was, but points out that Elissa doesn't play the game like Rachel does, and doesn't compete like Rachel.  She definitely felt that Elissa had an advantage in the game.

Jeff asked her about using the PoV to save herself last week, and Kaitlin says she knows she would have gone home if she didn't do that.  (Her lying "friend" Helen told her that!) Jeff says if she didn't use it, she may not have been the target, but then says you never know.

Jeff:  You know that Jeremy was here last week, right?  And he was teary?

Kaitlin:  He got choked up?

Jeff:  He said he was gonna sell his boat and move to Vegas.  Kidding!

Kaitlin:  You're such a liar. My heart just dropped.

Kaitlin was SHOCKED to learn that America was the MVP last week, and said it was chaos in the house with everyone guessing who it was and why they nominated Elissa.  She says the house makes you so paranoid and she didn't think she would make friends in the house or get emotional about the game. 

Kaitilin:  The fact that America voted her MVP week after week and then votes to nominate her?  America, why Gina Marie?  Why did you nominate Gina Marie?

Jeff:  I'm askin' the questions here.

(Jeff is obviously flirting hard core with Kaitlin.  He prefers brunettes, too.)

Jeff tells her she will know all of this and more when she is able to watch the show.  Kaitlin says in spite of everything she hopes Helen wins.  She thinks Helen may be a bit too emotional, but that could help her as well.  She thinks Helen or McCrae have the best chances at this point, and Jeff says that McCrae was his pick to win from the beginning, and that Kaitlin was his pick for the girl.

(Bullshit, Jeff, unless she was "your pick" for something else besides winning BB15.)

Kaitlin thinks getting involved with Aaryn was her biggest downfall in the game.   Jeff asked about Jeremy, but she says everyone in the house was involved with a showmance, so she doesn't think that is as big of a factor.

She says that she snapped at Jeremy in the house and he said later that "it changed him".  Kaitlin has never met anyone who is so good at everything but Jeff says there are a few other contenders in the game.  Jeff asked her if she thought there were any floaters in the game, and Kaitlin said that the MVP twist was supposed to ensure that no floaters would be in the house, but it turned out to be the opposite.  The twist made all of the strong players leave the game, leaving a lot of floaters.

Kaitlin feels being the first girl to be evicted has to be a compliment, since they saw her as a threat.  Jeff agreed and said he was having flashbacks of his own, discussing it, but that she gave a good answer.

She thinks McCrae, Elissa and Helen will make it to the end.  She hopes Amanda is out soon because she is so conniving and manipulative, and thinks she is running the house.

Jeff:  But she is, kind of...

Kaitlin:  America, get her out this week!  Get her out!

Kaitlin thinks Amanda will leave before McCrae, and she is getting more aggressive every week while McCrae just lays back and chills.  He is very sweet and "Minnesota nice" to everybody and has a great chance to get the votes if he makes it to the end.   Jeff told her there were rumors online that McCrae was her brother and Kaitlin has heard that too.

Kaitlin:  Listen, he is only 7 months older than me, so "our mom" would have had to be pregnant with both of us at the same time.

Jeff:  Kind of like the Zonkey, huh?  Think about it..

(Still flirting, big time.) 

Kaitlin:  Crossing a zebra and a donkey?  Why would you do that?

Jeff:  Why wouldn't you do it?

If Kaitlin won HoH she would put up Amanda and McCrae.  She thinks America would nominate Elissa again, but hopes it is Amanda.  Everyone in the house said they wanted to target Amanda and McCrae, too, but she realizes they all lied to her all of the time.

Candice was the most annoying house guests because her morning voice drove Kaitlin crazy, and she slammed around doors and Kaitlin couldn't stand that.  (Jeff had to drag that out of her.)  She hasn't had many roommates and has lived with boyfriends more then women, so the living situation was hard to deal with for many reasons.

They had an odd exchange about the number of days Kaitlin was in the house.  It was 35, but it took a while to get that answer.

Jeff:  Who do you think is the biggest star in that house?

Kaitlin:  Elissa?

Jeff:  No, it's Judd's shirt.

Kaitlin says on the day they moved in things were kind of stiff and awkward and she and Judd were sitting at the dining table.

Kaitlin:  Judd said, I have a bear shirt.  That's the first thing he said to me!  And then he said they wanted him to wear it on the way in the house, and I was like who is this guy?  And I couldn't understand him when he spoke.

Jeff points out that she never wore the Bear shirt, and that should be her biggest regret about the game.

Kaitlin:  You wanna know what bothers me about the Bear Shirt?  The Bear's head is on the front, and also the back. The Bear's butt should be on the back, don't you think?

Jeff:  I think you've got yourself a new clothing line.

Someone asked what she whispered to GMZ on her way out, but she doesn't remember.  She might have said she loved her, or good luck or something. 

Kaitlin:  I love her to death.

Jeff:  But you're not pulling for her to win..

This threw Kaitlin and she changed the topic to Gina Marie eating the frozen yogurt.  Kaitlin is proud to go five weeks and never be a Have Not.  The competitions were her favorite part but she didn't like having to crawl through the mud on the last competition.

Jeff brought up Jeremy's poem about her and she kind of mocks it and refuses to make one up for Jeremy.  He really pushed her but she wouldn't do it.  She apologized to him again and said she has feelings for him  and he knows it.

Jeff presented the HoH robe to Kaitlin but knows it won't be a surprise since she already saw it on the floor by the couch.

Jeff asked her if she is going to rock the robe in Las Vegas and she said she will.  Then Jeff told us we can all buy an HoH robe on the CBS website and "look as good as Kaitlin wearing it".

Somehow, I doubt that, but I appreciate the sales pitch.

They said goodbye, but it wouldn't be long before Jeff saw Kaitlin again.  They were at the same parties over the weekend, but by that point Kaitlin was already in James Rhine's clutches.  (You can read about that here.)

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