Friday, August 16, 2013

Helen Kim: Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. #BB15

This is a Flashback to the wee hours of this morning.

OK.  So last night Elissa saw the writing on the wall about her pending nomination, and threw a hissy fit, saying that she REFUSED to go to the Jury, and would  go straight home if she is evicted this week.

(I think Helen is the target, not Elissa, but whatever.)

So Helen pulled her own hissy fit, crying in the HoH to gain sympathy.  And to pound the nail in Elissa's coffin, if she can.  Because Helen Kim will do ANYTHING to win.

 Helen:  So I asked her, you don't want to be there to vote for me if I go to the Final Two?

Spencer must feel like he's in the 2nd circle of hell, watching this.  But I bet Andy loves it and will tell us so in his DR sessions.

Aaryn:  Look.  People are going to vote for the people who played the best game.  Judd will do it, Jessie will do it...

GMZ:  Who the fuck does she think she is?  Her husband's car costs more than my fuckin' parents' house...what the hell is she doin' here?   We all woke up in the same place today...what, she didn't take a shit today?

Amanda took the bait a little and reassures Helen that she has done a good job supporting Elissa in this game.  I'm sure Amanda hasn't forgotten what she heard about Helen trying to get rid of her...

Helen:  And Candice is going to be mad at me for evicting Howard...and Jessie is going to taint the Jury.  Boo hoo.  Boo hoo.

Aaryn:  This whole thing is a big publicity stunt to get the word out about Elisscercize.   Trust me, it's not about winning this game.


Aaryn:  Helen, anything can happen in this game.  Look at where I was, and where I am now and you know it's true.

FYI According to Rachel, Elissa will not be leaving the game.   I'm just guessing, but I think in a pinch Production might let her talk to Elissa, if they need to.  Maybe a recorded message to snap out of it and to stop embarrassing Rachel.

Who would have thought Rachel could be apologizing for Elissa?

One question:  Who are the "bad people" that Elissa is "stuck with"?  I don't think that part helps, Rachel.


  1. I would love it if Elissa self-evicts. While I think she seems like a nice person, I do not want a floater to win. Also, this would open up the possibility of having America vote with the Jury to decide who wins BB 15. I guess it is more about who I don't want to win (Aaryn, GMZ, Amanda) rather than who I do want to win (no one).

  2. It would also give Judd a better chance to win the competition to come back in the BB house.

  3. Elissa and Helen are BOTH "cry babies." Helen thinks she's the Queen of England (and she is worried that she is about to lose the title), and Elissa thinks she's -- well, I don't know what she thinks -- I haven't heard a word out of her mouth that makes any sense. BB should let her leave if she wants to. And she shouldn't be allowed any outside contact from Rachel. Doesn't seem fair to me. Just sayin'

    1. When has she gotten outside contact from Rachel?


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