Saturday, August 3, 2013

Helen and Andy Plan Their End Game #BB15

The house guests got their wake up call today, and are scrambling around making breakfast and getting ready.   The MVP Nomination and PoV Player Pick will happen soon, and then will come the waiting for the PoV Competition.

Andy and Helen met in the storage room to change their batteries, and tried to figure out who the MVP might be.  Helen noticed that both GMZ and McCrae have been in the DR frequently, so they muse about that.

Andy asks Helen point blank who she wants to take to the end with them.  Helen says Spencer might be a good choice, since he is "slow" physically and they can both beat him in the final HoH competition.  Andy thinks it is going to be hard to get Spencer to the end with them.

Andy kept peppering Helen with questions, so she said she would like to backdoor Amanda or McCrae.  She said that Amanda will always be a lightening rod for drama in the house, but McCrae will never be like that, so he might pose a bigger threat for votes at the end.


I think the MVP nomination will be either Aaryn, Amanda or Helen.  I would LOVE to see Helen get a sharp slap of reality today, wouldn't you?   Andy would be crazy to take her to the end--she has been a stone cold gangster this whole time, hiding in plain sight.

Amanda and McCrae dragged ass out of bed.

 Andy and Amanda whispered about who the MVP could be.

Gina Marie is getting ready for the Big Show, too.  She is the only one who can't be nominated by the MVP today.  Except Candice and Jessie, of course, who are already on the block, courtesy of Gina Marie herself.

McCrae is eating cold pizza (YUM) and Elissa is cutting up a cantaloupe.  You can see Helen running through the house in the background.  I can't believe they don't all complain about her doing that, pounding through the hallways in her overly chirpy fashion.  Not everyone is a morning person. Particularly not in the BB house.

McCrae kind of eats like a girl who is ashamed of eating.  He takes bites in a stealthy fashion, putting the pizza down after he bites and hiding his mouth with his sleeve while he chews.  Classic food guilt?  Or just a quirk?

Judd hopes the PoV isn't "some police academy bullshit" and they laugh about how most of them yelled "Fuck" when they fell off the barrel.

Judd:  My parents would be proud of me.

They are trying to be light hearted and have fun, but I would imagine they are all afraid of seeing their picture pop up on that MVP nomination screen.

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