Wednesday, August 14, 2013

GMZ Keepin' It Real with Production #BB15

Aaryn is on the elliptical machine and the steady hum of that old thing is just about all I can hear from the backyard.  Apparently Gina Marie is laying on the backyard couch, though.

BB:  House guests.  You are no allowed to sleep on the furniture during the day!  (or whatever the exact wording was...)


Looks pretty relaxed to me...GMZ is sleeping in the Have Not room this week, you know...

And here are a few shots for the Aaryn fans.  Or the fans of Aaryn's ass.  You know who you are.

Elissa is having a Boo Hoo Day today, pouting about everyone having a vendetta against her.  I hope to God Elissa isn't getting her period again.  I don't think I can take all of the complaining and plastic-wrapping. Elissa had PMS for 12 days straight last month and it was "like, so gross".  Helen is trying to pep her up, telling her that "she can win HoH this week, and then Helen can win the next week".

Elissa do well in a competition?  That Helen has a vivid imagination....

Helen was analyzing Elissa's two weeks as MVP and right in the middle of the serious game talk, Elissa had a thought to share.

Elissa:  See my feet?  One foot is like, bigger than the other.

Always on, Helen inspects Elissa's feet and tells her she thinks the toes are different sizes, not the feet.

Now Elissa tells Helen about their house just outside Scottsdale, where her husband likes to play golf.  There is a restaurant there where the kids can play games and she and her husband can just "sit and drink and talk".  I'm guessing this house is located where Brent can see his children from a previous relationship.  But maybe his business has a location there, who knows.

Helen is going to visit her here, but Elissa says they have another house in a location that is more fun for the kids that Helen should visit.  She didn't want to say where it is.  Helen says Elissa can visit her in-law's lake house in Michigan, but Elissa didn't seem too enthused to me.

Elissa and her husband own a lake house in Canada that he got a really good deal on, but Elissa doesn't like to go there.

Elissa:  It's like, I don't know.....

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  1. Hahaha. Elissa is awesome. Do you think she's legitimately nuts? Like, in a subdued way? I don't think she's on medication, but I don't think pure stupidity accounts for her absurdly hilarious non sequiter-isms.

    Actually, I think Elissa is a walking non sequitur.

    This is from Jokers:

    - Elissa doesn't understand why Jess has been attacking her so much today.
    - Aaryn says the first 2 weeks in the house were really hard.
    - Elissa responds with "I love pineapple on a tray."

    I laughed like a bastard.

    Your blog is fantastic. It makes me laugh like a bastard as well. Is there no "Contact Me" option here? To, you know, email witty and clever commentary and shit.

    Mmm...Prince Harry is tasty.


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